Years 11 & 12 Film, Television & New Media Workshop: Mr Stewart Tyrell – Essential Screen Skills Qld: Gateway To Industry Schools Program | Photo Gallery

Today, our Years 11 and 12 Film, Television & New Media students participated in a day-long workshop incursion hosted by Mr Stewart Tyrell – an experienced filmmaker and educator with the Griffith Film School.

Sessions centred around post-production work, exploring both cinematography and post-production practices, with a primary focus on using Adobe Premiere Pro – a universally popular video editing software in the film and television industry.

A wide range of topics were covered, including experimental editing techniques, special effects, plus motion and time manipulation techniques.

This very hands-on experience gave the class an opportunity to refine their editing skills, while gaining a deeper insight into the power of editing software, to create engaging high-quality content.

Thank you Mr Stewart Tyrell for sharing your wealth of professional expertise with our grateful students.

Stewart’s valuable workshop was made possible by the brilliant people at Essential Screen Skills Qld.

They are the Gateway To Industry Schools Program body Canterbury has officially partnered with, and Stewart was here on campus representing them.

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