Campus Master Plan: Towards 50 Years…

In 2037, Canterbury College will celebrate its 50th year.

Over these next 15 years, our beautiful 33-hectare campus will be transformed to accommodate both a larger student population, and new methods of teaching and learning, that inspire and nurture confident, optimistic and compassionate young people who are ready for the world.

In 2021-22, Canterbury embarked on a complete reimagining of our buildings and grounds, as part of a comprehensive Master Planning process, supported by one of the country’s leading educational sector architects – Wilson Architects.

The College’s priorities were to retain and extend our connection to the natural environment, beautiful native trees and bushland feel, while increasing the number of learning spaces required to support a student population reaching around 1,800 by 2027.

The Junior School has occupied its current site since 1990, with a new classroom and administration block – A Block, the most recent addition in 2008.

In 2022, Stage 2a of the Master Plan was completed when D Block was converted into a specialist Year 6 Learning Centre, to accommodate increased classes in Upper Primary.

The Early Learning Centre was also substantially refurbished in 2021 and 2022 both indoors and outdoors as Stage 2b.

Our Junior School campus vision is to expand its footprint westwards across the College site, to open up more learning, indoor and outdoor play, and flexible study spaces, for our signature programs such as Spark and the Kitchen Garden.

This will ensure our approximately 800 Junior School students can learn and play in modern, spacious and generous environs.

Junior School Campus: Announcing Our Bareibunn Precinct

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The New Standard In Junior Primary Learning Spaces…

Our commitment is to design and build learning spaces that inspire and motivate our youngest learners.

At the heart of this approach, are age-appropriate spaces, as well as facilitating specialist learning areas outside the classroom, purpose-built for Prep to Year 2.

The new C Block will contain eight General Classrooms, plus specialist spaces for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), a dedicated Literacy Hub and Performing Arts Room.

It will also include new student and staff bathrooms alongside flexible zones that maximise the connection between the indoors and outdoors.

A generous 500sqm covered outdoor gathering area will be delivered, to provide much needed covered play, wet-weather options, and event space for all Junior School students.

Canterbury’s Prep building will be fully refurbished and extended, to create a nurturing environment for students in their first formal year of schooling – with fresh bathrooms, inquiry spaces and connections to outdoor nature play.

By 2025, the Bareibunn Precinct will be complete.

Secondary School Campus

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Responding To Teaching And Learning’s Changing Nature…

In the years ahead, three new modern classroom blocks will be constructed on the Secondary School campus.

While some original buildings will be demolished – such as the G, N and P Blocks, many will still be retained and fully refurbished in our Master Plan projects.

Each Faculty area will have purpose-designed classrooms that suit the teaching and learning style of those subjects.

Learning Commons offering flexible spaces, that allow our students and teachers to collaborate outside the classroom, also showcase our new approach.

In addition, our focus on Student Entrepreneurship will be supported with a purpose-built facility that enables student start-up companies to collaborate and scale up their production.

At the heart of the Secondary Campus will be a new Community Chapel which speaks to our Anglican heritage, while being inclusive and accommodating of other faiths.

Furthermore, it will double as a Wellbeing and Community Hub, and welcoming Café for our Senior School students.

Childcare Centre: From 6 Weeks To 3 Years Old

Planning will commence in the next few years for a new Childcare Centre on the corner of Old Logan Village Road and Easterly Street for about 120 children – accommodating babies to three year-olds.

Our existing Early Learning Centre will be retained as a ‘four year-olds only’ centre for approximately 120 children.

Other Master Plan Projects

New changerooms, scoreboards, campus signage and other amenities – like added carpark spaces, covered walkways and shade structures, plus an exciting new Sports Grandstand, are also on the horizon.

Our Canterbury Community of students, parents, families, staff and external stakeholders, have much to look forward to with this College Master Plan…

Our Master Plan Vision

Stage Precinct Timeline Details Status
1 Carpark Expansion

Aquatic & Tennis Centre Connections

2021-22 90 added carparks.

New Junior School and Secondary School footpaths providing easy connections to our Aquatic & Tennis Centre.

2a D Block Year 6 Learning Centre 2022 5 new General Classrooms.

New Learning Commons.

New Staff Space.

2b Early Learning Centre Refurbishment 2022 Internal refit 5 ELC Classrooms.

Relandscaping all Outdoor Learning and Play Areas.

2c Secondary School Campus Walkway Connector 2023 Improve existing Secondary Library – P Block – K Block Walkway into landscaped Walkway Avenue with adequate weather cover. Under Construction 2023
3a The Bareibunn Precinct

Years 1 And 2

2023-24 8 new General Classrooms.

Prep – Year 2 Library.

Performing Arts Room.

STEAM Classroom.

New Student Toilets.

New Staffroom.

Junior School Meadow expansion.

Under Construction 2023

Opening 2024

3b The Bareibunn Precinct


2023-24 Refit of all Prep Classrooms.

New Bathrooms.

Flexible Learning Spaces.

Currently In Planning

Completed Late 2024

4 Senior Secondary Learning Centre:

– Mathematics
– Commerce
– Languages
– Humanities

Lecture Theatres

2024-26 Demolishing N and P Blocks.

New building construction with:

15 Classrooms

2 Staff Spaces

Learning Commons

House Areas.

Design During 2024-25

Construction 2026

5 Chapel And Community Hub 2025-27 New Chapel, Event Centre and Senior Secondary Café. Design During 2025-26

Construction 2027

6 Creative Industries Learning Hub 2027-29 Specialist Facilities for:
– Music and Drama
– Design, Media and IT
– Construction and Furnishing.
Design During 2027-28

Construction 2029

Other Identified Projects Day Care Centre

Grandstand And Sports Amenities

Learning Hubs

Health Sciences

English And Humanities

Lecture Theatres

Secondary School Walkway Avenue

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