Student Protection

Canterbury supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of our students.

This commitment is embedded in the College’s organisational leadership, governance, and culture.

It also includes the provision of a safe and supportive learning environment for all students, and requires that all employees, volunteers and visitors model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of our students from any harm.

Canterbury is committed to responding to allegations of student harm caused by the conduct or actions of any person – including our employees.

To honour this commitment, the College is dedicated to its Child & Youth Risk Management Strategy, which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place, to effectively address the safety and wellbeing of students in our care.

Policies & Procedures

Our policies and procedures below clearly define all actions to be taken if a staff member or College parent becomes aware, or reasonably suspects, that one of our current students under the age of 18 has been harmed, or is at risk of harm, by people outside the College, a staff member, or other students.

Canterbury College Child & Youth Risk Management StrategyCanterbury College Statement Of Commitment | Child Safety

Student Protection In Anglican Schools

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