About Us

Welcome from our Principal

Canterbury College has a well-deserved reputation as one of Queensland’s most innovative independent schools. Our fundamental belief at Canterbury is that every student is deserving of the best teachers, coaches, instructors and wellbeing providers, as they develop skills to tackle the world with confidence.

Here’s the ‘million dollar question’. What type of school is Canterbury?

Are we a sporting school? An academic school? Focused on the Arts? Pre-occupied with character development, service and leadership?

My answer to those who ask, is that we are both all of these and none of these. Let me explain…

There is no reason to think that we can or should only be capable of excellence in one area. I think it sells our students and our teachers short. My emphasis as the Principal is to create an environment where each of these dimensions of a Canterbury education is nurtured and resourced.  It is possible to be both a great sporting school and a great performing arts school. It is possible to expect continuous improvement in all of our students academically, while ensuring their wellbeing and character development is well attended to.

It all comes down to high expectations and to the quality of staff leading programs for our students. I believe that we have a world-class teaching and coaching, pastoral care and wellbeing staff who are genuine and compassionate. We do this whilst maintaining high standards in uniform, behaviour and social interactions.  In my conversations with new parents to our community who have chosen Canterbury for their son or daughter, many of whom have long attachments to their previous schools, I know how important a holistic, ‘all-round’ education is to them.

In short, Canterbury’s “World Ready” focus means that our single desire is to nurture and inspire confident, optimistic and compassionate young people who can navigate the world beyond the school gate. We are proudly one of Queensland’s leading ‘all-rounder’ schools and we take our responsibility to deliver on this ‘world ready’ promise very seriously.

I invite you to Canterbury to see one of Queensland’s premier coeducational schools in action.

Mr Daniel Walker
B.A. B.Ed. (UQ) M.Ed. (Monash) MACEL
Canterbury College