Vision & Values


Fortior Quo Paratior – The Better Prepared, The Stronger.


To inspire and nurture confident, optimistic and compassionate young people who are World Ready.


To be recognised nationally as a leading ELC-12 coeducational school, delivering holistic academic and co-curricular excellence within an inclusive culture which honours our Anglican heritage.

Our Values

Our six College values are pivotal in all aspects of Canterbury and its community:

Treat everyone with decency and kindness, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, culture or religion.

Be accountable for your decisions and earn trust by matching words with actions, even when nobody is watching.

Take pride in being part of something bigger than yourself. With parents, teachers, students and alumni joining together, we can achieve so much more.

Commit to mastering the unfamiliar and the challenging. Seek to improve every day.

Choose forgiveness, demonstrate generosity and ‘take a walk in other people’s shoes.’

Promote equality, justice, the voice of the marginalised and care for the environment.