1:1 Technology

All Years 4-10 students receive a 1:1 laptop computer with keyboard, stylus, carry bag, safety case/screen protector, 3-year warranty, insurance plan, and fully installed software with licensing.

Years 11-12 students can opt-in to the very same 1:1 device service until 2024 (for Year 11s) or 2025 (for Year 12s), when it becomes compulsory for ALL students from Years 4-12.

Opting Out and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is being completely phased out to protect our College’s private and sensitive databases from ever more numerous, sophisticated and malicious software viruses and malware, being brought into our campus and IT network by privately purchased home computers, loaded with all kinds of licensed and unlicensed software.

Using every available network security measure like this, forms a key component of our IT Insurance Policy – where we want to fully protect your and your children’s confidential information as much as you do.

Our 1:1 Device Program + Digital Curriculum = World Ready Students

Students will generally receive a new device every three years in Years 4, 7 and 10 – typically the latest Microsoft Surface Pro laptop computer.

This means our students are always working on current devices under full warranty, capable of handling the growing demands of evolving digital learning opportunities.

Our 1:1 Device Program aids students in their learning process, helping them to gain understanding, organise their knowledge and present their ideas.

Digital literacy is one of the most important skills in modern society, and is crucially required of students as they move from school into tertiary studies and the workforce.

Canterbury’s Inhouse 1:1 Device Program vs Computer Retailers’ Devices

Sometimes a myth circulates among parents that a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop can be purchased from an electronics retailer and onboarded more cheaply than our school’s own 1:1 Device Program.

BUT with us, your child’s Microsoft Surface Pro device:

  • Has ALL the required software already pre-installed, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite programs, and any other subject specific applications – no hours of installations or scrolling through user manuals.
  • Can have any additional software deployed remotely by our Information Technology Staff when required.
  • Comes with a full and friendly on-campus IT HelpDesk Support Team.
  • Is replaced with the latest device model every three years – starting in Year 4, then upgraded in Years 7 and 10.
  • Enjoys a 3-year warranty with ‘hot swap’, whereby students have access to a similar device during any repairs – so no ‘digital downtime’ in any classes.
  • Features a generous ‘three strikes’ insurance policy.
  • Offers the ultimate continuity and uniformity of all teaching and learning processes in each class – with every child having equal digital capacity on the same device, and no student being disadvantaged by a slower home laptop with less functionality and/or missing software and hardware.
  • Includes a keyboard, stylus, carry bag and screen protector/safety case.

The value of these many extras is not often considered when comparing our 1:1 Device Program with a straight computer-only sale from Harvey Norman or JB HiFi.

Furthermore, the database security risks posed by unmonitored or unscreened home computers coming into our College’s IT networks and potentially endangering everyone’s data has become untenable.

This is why Opting Out and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is being fully phased out for the few remaining families not yet using our 1:1 Device Program.

Canterbury College: Official Microsoft Showcase & Lighthouse School