Commitment To Canterbury’s
Holistic Educational Program

By accepting your enrolment here, and continuing your ongoing partnership with us each year, parents, carers and students confirm their support for Canterbury College’s holistic approach to student development.
This includes a commitment to willingly attend and participate in all the following areas:

Outdoor Education

Every year from Years 3-11, an age-appropriate Outdoor Education Camp of 2-5 days’ duration is arranged at various South-East Queensland locations.

It is engineered to challenge and reward students with all levels of experience and confidence in the outdoors.

It sits at the heart of our wellbeing focus on resilience, teamwork and character building education.

Chapel Services

These typically vary between class, year level, house and Prep – 12 whole College services in the indoor or outdoor Chapel, or our large Canterbury Events Centre, plus one special formal city service per year at the beautiful St John’s Cathedral.

These services are inclusive of all religions and beliefs, but are in keeping with our Anglican values, and students of all faiths can find purpose and meaning in them.

Religious and Values Education (RaVE)

This curriculum program is designed to encourage all Prep to Year 10 students, regardless of their faith journey or spiritual development, to understand our Anglican heritage and to learn more about all world religions in general – their differences and shared commonalities.

Wellbeing Program

We offer a timetabled pastoral care Wellbeing curriculum, with guest speakers and special events tailored to year levels, which promotes our students’ social, emotional, physical and mental health.

This includes leadership courses, self-awareness and self-development workshops, and The Resilience Project.

1:1 Technology

Years 4-12 students use a College-provided laptop, with all software pre-installed, including a keyboard, stylus, carry bag and screen protector, covered by the Single Resource Charge.

This compulsory IT Dept supported service means no learning interruption during a breakage or malfunction, and a secure digital network, where students and staff use the same device.

Co-Curricular Program

We ask Junior School students to try ONE co-curricular activity per year from the options overleaf in Sport, the Performing Arts and Thought Sports.

We expect Senior School students to participate in THREE co-curricular activities per year, including at least ONE team-based Sport across the three TAS trimesters of Years 7-9.

There is a broad range of Thought Sports available such as: Entrepreneurship, Sumo Robot League, Chess, Art & Crafts, eSports, Gaming, Debating, Public Speaking, Science, Kitchen Garden, Creative Gadgetry, First Lego League and Taipan Tutors.

Becket Mascot — Follow our Pride
Cranmer Mascot - Determination is Strength, Confidence is Success
Goldsworthy Mascot - Strength in Courage
Kime Mascot — We Will Always Come back
Ramsey Mascot — Stronger Together
Temple Mascot - Never Leave a Mate Behind

House Events

Every Canterbury student belongs to one of six houses, and this forms a key component of our school identity and the community that supports our students.

During the year, there is a wide range of interhouse events scheduled on regular school days, designed to strengthen house connections and build house spirit.

We expect every student to attend and fully participate in ALL house events to the best of their ability: House Maths Teams Challenge; House Choir Competition; House Swimming, Cross Country & Athletics Carnivals; House Relay Race; House Dodgeball; House Spirit Breakfasts; House Charities and more…

These are not optional extras – they are part of what makes Canterbury, ‘Canterbury’.

We provide this holistic program for each student to support our College Vision: To nurture and inspire confident, optimistic and compassionate young people who are World Ready

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