Temple House: ‘Containers For Change’ | Event Wrap, Photo Gallery & Video

Last week, Temple House lived up to its ‘green character’ by leading sustainability workshops for Years 7-12.

Students were educated on the difference between recyclable and general waste, followed by a competitive rubbish sorting mini-game race.

As part of the ‘Wave Of Change’ school initiative, students are encouraged to recycle 10 cent bottles, poppers and cans into designated ‘Containers For Change’ bins, with Junior School getting their own bins next week…Go Green Team!

The funds raised by Temple’s initiatives will be committed towards providing our school grounds with more local native plants and the resources to build a ‘Yarning Circle’.

This will both recognise and honour the connection to the Indigenous Mununjali and Gugingin Country that Canterbury resides on.

Traditionally, gathering in a Yarning Circle creates a space for sharing stories, histories, knowledge and experiences.

A Yarning Circle also provides a safe environment for people to listen and respond to each other, fostering accountability, respect, honesty and trust.

This project involves working closely with our local Aboriginal Elders to find the right location for the Yarning Circle.

Fundraising has already kicked off with Term One’s Saint Patrick’s Day Bake Sale and Wednesday’s Doughnut Day, and now the ‘Containers For Change’ initiative will continue this financial momentum throughout the rest of the year.

More photos are available on our Facebook Page HERE.