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Our Student Futures:

Over 27% of our graduates are responding to the call for community care via further study in health.

Over 23%of our graduates acted on their responsibility as global citizens by embarking on further studies in society and culture.

Chosen Industry

Health 27.16%
Society and Culture 23.46%
Engineering 12.35%
Natural and Physical Sciences 11.11%
Creative Arts 8.64%
Management and Commerce 8.64%
Education 4.94%
Architecture and Building 3.7%

Class of 2022

Madisen-Jade Iva


Term 2 of 2017 saw a young, nervous and timid 12-year-old Madisen walk through the gates of Canterbury College, unbeknownst of what lay ahead.

Five and a half years later, 2022 saw an overly loud, extra proud and confident young woman leave those gates for the last time as a student, with forever growing ambitions and goals, and a lifetime of knowledge to fuel them.

Throughout my schooling at Canterbury College, I was abundantly blessed with opportunities to grow and prosper – not just in the classroom, but also in the sporting arena and the social side of school life.

My schooling saw participation in yearly sports, thriving in the games I loved, and trying and learning new things – Netball, Basketball, Touch Football, Rugby 7s, Athletics and even Swimming.

I was also blessed with time in the Girls’ Choral, Cantabile and a few guest appearances for musical performances at the Brekkie Buskers and even Assemblies!

Through these extra-curricular programs, I created life-long friends – people I consider as family.

During my entire schooling, I was blessed with teachers who had my best interests at heart, and it was effortless to consider these people as a family too.

With the help of this family-like community, I saw myself as the leader they knew I could be.

I’ve been so blessed attending Canterbury, with knowledge and opportunities to lead a community I can now call my second family.

Kristina Mrsic


ATAR 99.95

I started at Canterbury as a Year 7 student in 2017, eager to make the most of every opportunity.

Since then, I have developed many skills and gained broad experiences to help me in my future.

One of the first things I loved about Canterbury, was the wide range of extra-curricular activities.

From the first day, I came in with a love of tennis, which expanded to actively engaging in the Hockey and Volleyball programs.

I had numerous opportunities to represent the College at State and National levels in Volleyball.

As a student leader, I gained valuable skills and was able to engage in wider aspects of College life.

I enjoyed communicating with younger students and helping others however I could.

I have always strived to succeed academically, and with support from staff and peers, I could continuously push myself to improve my results.

Overall, Canterbury has provided so many avenues for me to grow academically, socially and personally, and I will forever cherish my high school memories.

Now I want to pursue a medical career and am so grateful to have received the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship at the 2022 Year 12 Valedictory Dinner – which will help me reach my goals.

In 2023, I intend to study for the Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith University, with provisional entry to the Doctor of Medicine.

While I’m still determining where I’ll end up in the medical field, I am excited to see where the future will take me.

Kate Neill


My Canterbury journey began in 2017.

I have always been a sports enthusiast, so I quickly jumped into the TAS Sporting programs.

Being introduced to team sports has widened my horizons, as someone who has predominantly only played individual sports.

This enabled me to become a better listener, team player and better person overall.

Furthermore, this newfound leadership and sport, pushed me to work with others of all abilities and ages.

In fact, throughout my journey, I found so much joy in working with younger year levels, that I was offered the opportunity to work as a Tennis Coach at Canterbury – working side-by-side with amazing athletes of all ages.

I am so grateful for making such close connections and friendships with many people throughout the school.

My favourite part of my schooling journey would have to be my last day of Year 12.

During the Guard Of Honour, I passed by so many unique and kind students from Prep to Year 11, whom I had built such strong and passionate friendships with.

It made me realise how much of an impact a single person can make on someone’s life.

Alongside sports, I have a knack for languages.

During my time at Canterbury, I studied French from 2017 to 2022, and in my final year, received a highly commended award in the MLTAQ speech contest in Brisbane.

I was privileged enough to hold the title of Sports Captain during my final year in 2022.

My plan for 2023 is to attend university to study for a Bachelor of Arts while continuing my tennis coaching.

Nathaniel Harris


My Canterbury experience was 14 years, from Pre-Prep (Kindy) to Year 12, and my time spent at the College is one I will never forget.

Throughout my years at Canterbury, I was always a strong ambassador for the Performing Arts, in my chosen elective curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and outside the school community.

I involved myself in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Choir and Studio Lessons for Voice and Guitar.

The Arts are where I thrive, and in Year 12, my time as Performing Arts Captain gave me insights into learning a crucial lesson about the creative industry field.

It is about being an all-rounder and breaking out of your comfort zone.

I learned only some of my skills from just The Arts.

In my 14 years, I also participated in many sports: Netball, Basketball, Touch Football, Swimming and Volleyball.

I developed a love for Swimming and Volleyball after getting out of my comfort zone.

Personal growth and development are only achieved when your ‘comfortable personal bubble’ is expanded, and the Performing Arts is an inspiring way to do such a thing.

In Year 10, I jumped out of my comfort zone by joining Canterbury’s Rock School Program as a guitarist / leading male vocalist.

By the end of my time at Canterbury, I had achieved a Principal Cast Role in the 2017 College Musical, and the Best Rock Musician Award from a school-entered competition – Battle of the Rock Bands in 2021.

I also received the title of 2022 Performing Arts Captain, performed with Second Wave (School Rock Band), and sang on the QPAC Stage at the school’s 35th Anniversary Gala, before earning the overall shield for Rock School in 2022.

My many years at Canterbury have supported my growth and readiness for the future.

I’m excited to be leaping out of secondary education and into a new environment for my tertiary studies in 2023.

I have received an early entry offer to SAE: Creative Media Institute for the Bachelor of Song Writing and Music Production Course at their Brisbane Campus.

This course is in a field I am passionate about and feel very in tune with, learning both production and writing skills for my music.

I’m so grateful for all my teachers, carers, friends – and of course my parents, who made Canterbury a place where I could thrive within The Arts.

I can’t wait to see where the coming years will take the Performing Arts program within Canterbury.

But of course, only bigger and brighter things are to come.

Lachlan Donnelly

ATAR 93.90

I began my Canterbury schooling life in 2009 as a Pre-Prep student, unaware that the next 14 years of my life would be spent at the same campus, right through to my last day of Year 12.

I saw the school go through many changes – from new classrooms being built, to changes in Principals, and I changed too, for the better.

Canterbury allowed me to develop and hone my skills in academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

I was involved with The Arts, where I participated in many different groups – including the Rock School program with my band Ashen Phoenix, guitar ensemble, percussion ensemble, and big band, as well as some string ensembles earlier in my schooling life, such as Sinfonia.

The chance to play in these environments, with great teachers and mentors guiding us, made me glad to be a part of it all.

Especially when the opportunity arose to play in front of large audiences, such as the Battle of the Rock Bands, or the Canterbury Arts, Food and Wine Festival.

However, in the classroom, I often found it very hard and confusing.

I didn’t do well on my first few exams and assignments in high school, and I was highly disappointed.

But my teachers and peers supported me, encouraging me to improve.

After long nights of tedious study-filled hours, I picked up my grades significantly, eventually achieving a 93.90 ATAR score, and receiving The Archbishop Aspinall Award, which I was incredibly proud of.

My next step is aimed towards the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), where I hope to study Literature and possibly Aeronautical Engineering to graduate as an Officer, and enlist in the Air Force as a fighter pilot.

I also plan to continue playing music in whatever band or ensemble I come across at the ADFA.

I am fond of my time at Canterbury, which has prepared me well for my future endeavours.

James Carter


I arrived at Canterbury in Year 3, transferring across from St John’s.

My first years at the College were enjoyable, and I felt welcomed and settled in quickly, making many close friends.

The school has given me numerous sporting opportunities – in Rugby, Soccer and Cricket to name a few.

I’ve been very grateful for each option, and I would like to thank the coaches that perfected my skills, or at least tried to. It was a privilege to be coached by you.

Playing team sports has also allowed me to form great friendships.

It has shown me how essential teamwork is for achieving results and improving skills, and we even enjoyed some success along the way.

My post-school future is yet to be decided, although I currently work as a concreter while playing competitive golf.

I will be applying for the Police Force in March, and it will be interesting to see where these opportunities take me.

I look forward to returning to the campus to coach or assist coaching a team, or running the water for Saturday sport.

Tsz Chun (Isaac) Li

ATAR 93.80

My journey at Canterbury College began in 2020 when I was in Year 10.

This is a short period in other people’s eyes.

However, these three years have been an unforgettable time in my schooling journey.

Before commencing at Canterbury, I lived and studied in Melbourne.

Moving places was difficult, primarily when I could not easily communicate with my Melbourne friends.

And Queensland was a completely new place I had never visited before.

However, studying at Canterbury has helped me smoothly adapt to a ‘new life’ in the Sunshine State.

During my time there, I experienced many ‘firsts’, including playing Volleyball, Rugby and Football (Soccer).

These opportunities Canterbury provides, have allowed me to create a social connection with different people, and motivated me to engage in various school events.

Academically, Canterbury also allowed me to try various subjects back in Year 10.

Through this I found my passion for the sciences, which led me to choosing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology for Years 11 and 12.

In Year 12, I received the GPA Big Improver and The Archbishop Aspinall Award.

These awards represent me and indicate the effort and generosity that all the outstanding Canterbury teachers have contributed to my learning journey.

They always put themselves in the students’ shoes and help us get the most out of every lesson.

So a huge ‘thank you’ to every teacher who has taught me for the past three years!

In 2023, I aim to attend university to pursue my dream of becoming a Sports Physiotherapist.

Leon Eyears

ATAR 94.80

As a shy and introverted kid, I started my journey at Canterbury College in 2017.

With my last steps on the college campus, I left as a slightly less shy and introverted adult.

There were many things that I didn’t want to participate in, but was forced to by certain circumstances – whether it was by obligation as a Canterbury student, or extremely insistent friends.

However, I found that after every one of these experiences, I developed as a person, as a friend, as a student, and as part of a team.

Although I may not speak to some of the people in my cohort again, these experiences unite us as the Class of 2022.

I could have been better at many of the extra-curricular activities I participated in and was far from the best at them.

Yet, those are where my most cherished memories as a Canterbury student stem from.

Ultimately, as part of the Canterbury alums, there are many experiences and learning opportunities that actively contributed to my everyday life.

I will not use calculus in my daily life, but I will use the perseverance it took me to learn it.

I probably will not be playing organised sports after school, but I will cherish the memories and friends I made while participating in them at Canterbury.

I will take these lessons into 2023 when I will study for a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree at the University of Queensland composition.

Canterbury is where I discovered, nurtured and refined my passion for music, and I’m excited to further my abilities as I take the following steps into university life.

Rebecca Hood


I graduated from Canterbury in 2022 after six years at the College.

I always knew I wanted a career in the construction industry with a vital trade pathway, and Canterbury allowed me to explore the different options outside the traditional academic framework.

A key highlight was the opportunity to participate in the TAFE SkillsTech program at Acacia Ridge Trade TAFE.

Headed by their Director of Student Futures, Canterbury helped me secure two different work experience placements, delivering a total of 180 hours.

It is here that I found my love for plumbing and a sense of what it could mean to have a career in the construction industry as a female. I also achieved a Certificate II in Plumbing via TAFE.

Over the years at Canterbury’s senior school, I have been given endless opportunities and support from the teachers and staff to ensure I got where I am today.

I have created firm foundations, made long-term friendships, and built skill sets that will ensure I can succeed in the future from a career perspective, and be an active and positive member of the community.

I leave Canterbury with a broad spectrum of qualifications, including that Certificate II in Plumbing, a Certificate II in Sport & Recreation, a Certificate III in Fitness and Business, and a Certificate I in Construction.

I am now seeking a Plumbing apprenticeship with a local company to start my trade career.

Lauren Hergenhan

ATAR 93.05

Reflecting on my 14 years at Canterbury brings up many beautiful memories.

For myself, Canterbury was a place of tremendous growth, accomplishment, and a feeling of great enjoyment.

It gave me countless opportunities to connect and bond with so many people, and develop a love for sports, the arts and academia.

Throughout my time at Canterbury, I was involved in many extra-curricular groups, including Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Cantabile Choir, the Robotics Club, and the Griffith University STEM team challenge.

Through these activities, I learnt how to work as a team to succeed.

Canterbury strives to encourage students to pursue new challenges; and for me, this included leadership.

I was honoured to be offered leadership roles, such as Middle School Captain in 2019 and then Cranmer House Captain in 2022.

Being awarded the position of House Captain (to the best house Cranmer!) was an incredible learning experience.

It allowed me to improve my public speaking and organisational skills, while building new confidence levels.

I was acquiring networking skills with students across various grades, and through these activities, I found a love for helping people, growing strong relationships, and forming a family.

When considering what I wanted to pursue as my chosen career path, the answer became apparent when I was lucky enough to be a member of Mr Mills’ Year 8 Science Class.

It was his passion for science and learning that made the difference.

The senior years were challenging, but all my teachers’ tremendous support and ongoing encouragement were exceptional.

I cannot thank them enough for always making themselves available and helping with whatever was needed.

I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a placement at the University of Queensland to study a double degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science.

This is an inspiring pathway for me, as it allows me to explore my passions, and work towards my aspirations of becoming a Medical Engineer.

Jefferson Fern Medal Recipients:

Named after Mr Jefferson Fern – the first Dux of Canterbury College in 1991, and presented to those students who received an ATAR result of 90.00 or above.

  • Dux of Canterbury College – Kristina Mrsic
  • Proxime Accessit – Laila Al Shoomary
  • Arfa Amer
  • Zachary Bakanay
  • Gian Bilston
  • Luna Blackmore
  • Erin Bromley
  • Harjaap Buttar
  • Arielle Consolati
  • Nicholas Dawson
  • Leon Eyears
  • Jack Fentoullis
  • Chloe Gill
  • Ella Gill
  • Jordan Grant
  • Lauren Hergenhan
  • Tristyn Hunt
  • Jonathan Jennings
  • Tsz Chun Li
  • Sarah Love
  • Emma Masterman
  • Kyla Morse
  • Matthew Ng
  • Mya Rizk
  • Jagdeep Singh
  • Joanne Vivian
  • Emily Xia

Qualification Title

Qualifications Awarded

Certificate I in Hospitality 25
Certificate II in Sport and Recreation 18
Certificate III in Fitness 16
Certificate III in Hospitality 14
Certificate I in Furnishing 11
Certificate I in Construction 11
Certificate II in Health Support Services 11
Certificate II in Hospitality 11
Certificate III in Business 10
Certificate III in Health Services Assistance 9
Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways 7
Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) 2
Certificate IV in Justice Studies 2
Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events 1
Certificate II in Animal Studies 1
Certificate II in Community Services 1
Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology 1
Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) 1
Certificate II in Plumbing 1
Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation 1
Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) 1

Total Vocational Qualifications Awarded


Canterbury enjoys a proud record of outstanding academic results.

Unlike some schools that reduce their percentage of ATAR-eligible students each year to artificially inflate their results, an average of 83% of Canterbury students are ATAR-eligible each year.

Of these students, we are proud that around 34% achieve an ATAR of 90 or higher.

While we pride ourselves on providing valuable vocational pathways, the vast majority of our students each year are university-bound, with high numbers of Canterbury graduates each year studying:

  • Medicine and Allied Health – Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nursing and Midwifery.
  • Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences.
  • Business, Commerce and Law.
  • Creative Industries and Fine Arts – Music, Design, Film and Media Studies.