Academic Achievement

A snapshot of our Year 12 results 2009-2019


OP1 (99 ATAR) students


OP/ATAR eligibility percentage


Percentage receiving tertiary offers each year


Percentage of students achieving above 90 ATAR


Percentage of A and B results across Year 12 subjects

Canterbury has a proud record of outstanding academic results.

Unlike some schools who reduce the percentage of ATAR-eligible students each year to artificially inflate their results, an average of 77% of Canterbury students are ATAR-eligible each year. Of these students, we are proud that 30% achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher.

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing valuable vocational pathways for students, the vast majority of students each year are university-bound, with high numbers of Canterbury graduates each year studying:

  • Medicine and allied health (eg pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing and midwifery)
  • Engineering, mathematics and sciences
  • Business, commerce and law
  • Creative industries and fine arts, including music.

Class of 2019

Student Heidi OP1

Heidi Le Masurier

Bachelor of Laws
Bond University

I loved how Canterbury challenged me in my academics. The curriculum was interesting and engaging which allowed me to enjoy learning whilst persevering to succeed in all of my classes.

A highlight was my time in the Arts Academy – I could get involved in so many groups and it gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of different people and to make numerous friends.

I will miss the people at Canterbury the most. They made my time so enjoyable because they were all so kind, fun and like-minded. It was easy to make friends, whether that be with the students in my cohort, in the arts programs I became involved in, or in the various sporting teams I played in. I will also miss all of the support I received from my teachers. I can’t thank them enough for all that they have done. I will miss the strong sense of community.

Student Wade OP13

Wade Neill

Bachelor of Sport Development
Griffith University

I have applied to Griffith University however I am currently in talks with the Aussie Athletes Agency about the possibility of travelling to the USA to play Men’s College Tennis. I would then study a course related to Physical Education at an American University.

I have many highlights from my time at Canterbury. As I was heavily involved in the sporting arena, I loved competing at the swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals as well as TAS Sport. I enjoyed going on the camps, such as the Year 8 Emu Gully camp, Year 11 Leadership camp and Biology camp. Of course, the Year 12 Formal was a great night spent with the cohort at a spectacular location.

I am very thankful to my teachers for sharing their knowledge and assisting me with my learning throughout the years. I know that I will be able to take this knowledge and use it to my advantage in the outside world.

I will greatly miss interacting with my classmates and teachers. Additionally, I will miss just walking the College grounds and the familiarity of daily routines. I will miss playing sport and having the privilege to represent the College.

Student Peiwan OP3

Peiwen (Vicky) Shi

Bachelor of
Education (Fine Art)
University of Sydney

I am from China and have been at Canterbury for three years. I chose to come to Canterbury for the variety of activities on offer but also because I really liked the uniform. I also knew an international student already studying at Canterbury and he told me about all the academic programs and the size of the campus.

There are lots of things that I love about Canterbury. I took part in the Symphony Orchestra and the Symphonic Band and I played volleyball. I have made many great Australian friends from participating in these activities. My music teachers were my favourite teachers at the College as they organised great performance opportunities for us.

The highlights of my time at Canterbury would be the Year 11 Chinese excursion to Mount Tamborine and the Year 12 Formal. Year 12 has been a big year; it was very academic, but I did well and got good marks.

Student Hue OP4

Hue Do

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of
Games and Interactive Environments
Queensland University of Technology

The opportunities at Canterbury have helped me grow as a person and allowed me to experience things I otherwise wouldn’t. I have enjoyed a rich extracurricular life, where my experiences in the Australian Space Design Competition and Robotics have helped improve my teamwork skills. I made unforgettable memories when I had ventured far from home on the Japan Tour this year. I enjoyed going on numerous camps; tackling different challenges and projects with my classmates, such as Community in Action in Year 9 and $20 Boss in Year 10; and experiencing unique events such as the Year 9 Dance and the Garbage Bag Formal in Year 11. All these experiences now put a smile on my face when I remember my time at Canterbury.

I am incredibly thankful to have had a wide range of elective subjects to choose from, as it gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to do and trial what I was interested in. There were many state-of-the-art technologies that Canterbury had which aided in my learning and made it fun and interesting, such as the digital drawing tablets and Surface Studios I used in Graphics classes. Additionally, I value how supportive and helpful the teachers were during my studies, always happy to answer my questions, provide constructive feedback to improve my grades and assist me however they could.

I now miss my teachers who made learning so enjoyable and interesting. I miss being a part of the Canterbury community: wearing the uniform with pride and taking joy in knowing that I had a fantastic learning environment at school.

Student Meena OP2

Meena Bakanay

of Pharmacy
University of Queensland

My heart is set on going to University of Queensland (UQ) because I want to use first year Pharmacy as a springboard to study Medicine. I also want to join the UQ orchestra and choir. I invested a lot of time into my music extracurricular activities at Canterbury and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I want to keep that up. I will continue to play violin and piano and hopefully come back to Canterbury and help in the music department in some capacity.

I loved being the Becket House Captain in Junior School. I enjoyed many tours: Canberra Trip in Year 6, Japan Tour in 2017, a Homestay in France in 2018, and the Cantabile Tour to Sydney in 2018 which included performing at the Opera House and being conducted by a world-famous composer. I have enjoyed being a member of Symphony Orchestra, Symphonia, Ritornello, Cantabile and Girls Chorale, and playing TAS netball and volleyball.

For French, Japanese and Music, I had the same teachers for 7 years. I had the same Science teacher for 3 years, the same Chemistry teacher for 2 years and the same Year Level Coordinator for 2 years. They all saw me grow up and they are people I have relied on for so many years.  I had the same violin teacher from Years 3 to 12, our last concert together was very emotional. It was very difficult to say goodbye, I developed very close bonds with my teachers, and I will miss their guidance, company and humour and the care they gave me.

I will miss the sense of belonging, comfort and routine. Canterbury is literally my family. My cousins graduated from Canterbury too, one of them was in my year level. That was very special. I made so many friends in my year level but also in other year levels too. I know that my connection to Canterbury will continue because I will come back year after year to see the graduation of all my friends in the years below me.