Academic Achievement

A snapshot of our Year 12 results 2010-2020


OP1 (99 ATAR) students


OP/ATAR eligibility percentage


Percentage receiving tertiary offers each year


Percentage of students achieving above 90 ATAR


Percentage of A and B results across Year 12 subjects

Canterbury has a proud record of outstanding academic results.

Unlike some schools who reduce the percentage of ATAR-eligible students each year to artificially inflate their results, an average of 77% of Canterbury students are ATAR-eligible each year. Of these students, we are proud that 30% achieved an ATAR of 90 or higher.

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing valuable vocational pathways for students, the vast majority of students each year are university-bound, with high numbers of Canterbury graduates each year studying:

  • Medicine and allied health (eg pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing and midwifery)
  • Engineering, mathematics and sciences
  • Business, commerce and law
  • Creative industries and fine arts, including music, design and film and media.

Class of 2020

James Lim

Bachelor of Medical Imaging
Queensland University of Technology

I commenced at Canterbury in 2007 in Preschool, so Canterbury is the only school that I’ve attended right the way through to Year 12.

My favourite subjects were Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

I participated in tennis, volleyball, Australian Youth Rocketry Challenge, Australian Space Design Competition, and Maths competitions. I’ve won First in Subjects such as Mathematics and Sciences, as well as Academic Excellence Awards.

I think the overall highlight of my time at Canterbury would just have to be seeing my friends every day, from all year levels not just my own, as well as having great teachers to talk to that actually care about my learning. I would also have to say the trip to Japan in 2019 was a highlight; it was such a great experience of the culture and sharing the fun with my friends. The last week of Year 12 was very much a highlight, where we could just enjoy ourselves as our assessments were already completed and submitted.

Subjects: Chemistry, English, Japanese, Physics, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods.

Lia Russell

Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics
The University of Queensland

I started at Canterbury in Year 4 in 2012.

My favourite subjects were the languages: English, French and Japanese.

Throughout Secondary School I had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities. I was a vocalist and guitarist in the Rock School and Acoustic Girls Band, I played girls’ volleyball and basketball, swam with the TAS swimming team, sang with the Girls’ Chorale and I was a member of the Debating team. I was also a member of the Beenleigh Yatala Junior Chamber of Commerce, holding various positions like School Liaison and Secretary.

During my time at Canterbury, I achieved Academic Excellence awards, the Junior Rock School Award, First in History, Secondary School Debater of the Year Award and Debating Captain. In Year 9 I was one of the Middle School Humanitarian Captains and I held the position of Kime House Competition Vice-Captain for 2020.

I think the highlights of my time at Canterbury were the numerous opportunities I had to socialise, connect and unite with my peers and fellow students. Whether it was uniting as a school at inter-school sporting games and events, or with my fellow Kime House students at interhouse carnivals and competitions, or as a year level to celebrate our final year and the accompanying events and traditions together; the memories and experiences I will treasure most will be these connections I made.

In 2021 I will be studying Spanish, French, Dutch and Japanese at the University of Queensland. I also hope to be able to gain my CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification and work as an English teacher abroad before starting a Bachelor of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam in late 2022.

Subjects: English, French, General Mathematics, Japanese, Modern History.

Lachlan Bridgford


I started at Canterbury in Kindy in 2007. My favourite subjects were Health and Physical Education, English and Maths, and anytime we used the digital classroom in the Junior School.

When I moved into Secondary School, I was already a member of Guitar Ensemble and Junior Rock School. In Year 9 I moved up into the Rock Band. I participated in TAS cricket, volleyball, rugby, basketball, soccer and touch football. In Year 11 and 12 I decided to focus on my music so I only played First XV Rugby. In Year 12 I got to play in the first ever Boys Netball team at the statewide Vicki Wilson Cup competition.

My achievements include receiving Red, Silver and Gold pockets, and the Guitar Ensemble Spirit Award.

Highlights of my time for me were playing at the Loud Lunches, or any opportunity that our band got to play live. I also really enjoyed playing Year 9 and 10 Rugby when our teams went undefeated to make the Grand Final, but unfortunately, we ended up losing both. Then in Year 11 we got an opportunity to wear the First XV jersey and run down from the changerooms through the tunnel of younger kids there to support us, like I had once done. Also being the first people to swim in the new pool was special; after the eventful final year we had, it really was a nice gesture to give to the Seniors.

But the main highlight I would say was being able to come to school every day and spend time with all my friends and teachers.

Subjects: Accounting, Design, English, Certificate I Construction, General Mathematics, Physical Education.

Betty Wen

Bachelor of Biotechnology
 The University of Queensland

I commenced schooling at Canterbury when I was fourteen years old in 2016.

My favourite subject at school changed. When I was in Year 9, I enjoyed Business, however, my favourite from Year 10 onwards was Maths. I won Firsts in Chinese and English as an Additional Language when I was in Year 11. And I was International Captain and Prefect for 2020.

I have a few school highlights. These include the Community In Action project we did in Year 9, also our Year 11 Camp, and the experiences I gained from my 2020 leadership positions.

“Betty was the International Captain amidst a tough year for our International students. She rose to the occasion, constantly supporting and reassuring her peers. Betty encouraged her fellow international students to come and talk to her about their struggles and to support each other at all times.” Mrs Rebecca Adamson, Dean of Studies.

Subjects: Chemistry, Chinese, Chinese Extension, English as an Additional Language, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics.

Christian Almario

Bachelor of Engineering
(Honours) / Bachelor of Computer Science
The University of Queensland

I commenced my schooling at Canterbury for Year 7 in 2015.

My favourite subjects were usually always science related (Chemistry and Physics) and English. In English in particular I enjoyed how the discussions that we had broadened my perspectives and understanding of different societal issues and topics. It was interesting to hear everyone’s different opinions and perspectives and the reasons behind their beliefs.

During Secondary School, I made sure to participate in all aspects of co-curricular life. In Arts, I was involved in the Boys Vocal Group in Years 10-12, which lead me to perform at different Arts Concerts both inside (Gala Concerts, Nights at the Cathedrals and Winter Arts Festivals) and outside of school (Anglican Schools Music Festival and University of Queensland Chorale). I also did Studio Tuition Lessons in Piano and was a member of the Photography Club. I participated in many other clubs, including Debating, Darkside Astronomy Club, Rocketry, Australian Space Design Competition, GenIn, Emerging Entrepreneurs, Chess Club and STEM Club. On the sporting field, I played TAS basketball and volleyball and was also a member of the TAS Athletics Team.

My achievements include Academic Excellence since Year 7, First in Extension Maths, Most Valuable Volleyball Player in Volleyball and Year 10 Volleyball Captain, Volleyball Spirit Award, Maths Team Challenge 1st Place, ICAS English Distinction, ICAS Spelling Credit, Simpson Shield for Middle School Debating, Middle School Captain’s Award, Australian National Chemistry Quiz High Distinction, Boys Vocal Group Most Valuable Member, Merit Badges, Honours Badges, a Red Pocket, and College Captain and Prefect in 2020.

The best memories I have of my time during Secondary School are around my time being a leader and participating in extracurricular activities. Being a leader in both Year 9 and Year 12 really challenged me, especially in 2020, with improvising and working around the challenges that arose. These challenges allowed me to grow as a person, increase my determination and perseverance to strive to be better and to seek to improve rather than settle for mediocrity or complacency.

In 2021 I will attend the University of Queensland in a double degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Computer Science, whilst also continuing my casual job in hospitality. I would also like to continue charity work with my church and to broaden into more charity work further afield.

Subjects: Chemistry, English, Physics, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods.

Sahitya Arugonda

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
 The University of Queensland

I commenced at Canterbury in 2011, when I was in Year 3.

My favourite subject has always been Science and in Years 11 and 12 I thoroughly enjoyed Chemistry.

I tried a lot of different co-curricular activities in early high school, such as Hip Hop, Middle School Players, Art Club, Girls’ Chorale and photography, but continued debating throughout my whole high schooling.

As well as being College Captain in 2020, over the years I have received Academic Excellence, Firsts in English, Maths, Science, History, French, Business and Accounting, as well as Dux of Year 11.

My final year was my highlight of Canterbury, as I had the opportunity to implement many new traditions, even in what turned out to be a tough year. My favourite event was the Multicultural Day as it had never been done before but was so necessary for our community spirit.

Subjects: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Mathematical Methods.

Kyarna Bousen

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
 Griffith University

I commenced my schooling at Canterbury in 2007 for Pre-Prep.

My favourite subjects were Chemistry and Biology, but for different reasons. I enjoyed Chemistry because of the hands-on aspects of the subject whereas I enjoyed the content being taught in Biology.

I participated in mostly sporting activities at Canterbury. These include girls’ football, TAS hockey and volleyball, as well as girls’ futsal, where our team competed at the National Championships twice.

I was Middle School Becket House Captain, which was a great experience. However, the highlights of my leadership roles at the College were in 2020 being the inaugural Social Justice Captain and Girls Football Captain. I was also honoured to be awarded Girls Footballer of the Year, the Female Sportsmanship Award and the Hayden Pryor Memorial Award at Valedictory. Throughout the years I have also been awarded Academic Excellence, Most Valuable Player in Girls’ Football and Firsts Hockey Rookie Player of the Year.

Some of the main events that stand out in my mind include fundraising and chopping off my ponytail at the Ponytail Project and also being involved in the organisation and execution of the College’s first Multicultural Festival. Other highlights from throughout the years include my involvement in the Griffith University Science and Engineering Challenge, the development of girls’ football and being part of the 3-time Premiership winning girls’ hockey team.

In 2021 I plan on studying Physiotherapy at Griffith University. I recently signed on to play Under 23 NPL Football at Olympic FC. I will also be returning to Canterbury in 2021 as the Girls’ Firsts Football coach.

Subjects: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, Physical Education.

Jack Trendle

Early Childhood Employment

I started schooling at Canterbury halfway through Year 6. My favourite subjects would no doubt be the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Maths and the Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways. These are reflected in my award highlights, which were First in Maths, a Citizenship Award and First in Early Childhood Education.

Our Year 11 camp would have to be my best memory in Secondary School, for the challenges we faced and the experiences we had.

I now look forward to commencing a fulltime childcare job in 2021 that I secured thanks to my childhood certificate qualifications and the work experience that I did back in Year 11.

“During the time Jack was studying his early childhood certificate, he made a huge impact on many children in Kindy and Playgroup at Canterbury because of his warm and caring nature. Jack completed his external placement at a Logan childcare centre in 2019. The Centre director and staff spoke very highly of Jack and had offered him a graduate position at their Centre before he had finished Year 12.” Mrs Suellen Fawkes, Kindy Teacher and Coordinator of Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Subjects: Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care, Essential English, Essential Mathematics, Certificate II Furniture Making Pathways, Certificate I Construction.