Academic Achievement

A snapshot of our Year 12 results 2011-2021


OP1/99 ATAR students


OP/ATAR eligibility percentage


Percentage receiving tertiary offers each year


Percentage of students achieving above 90 ATAR


Percentage of A and B results across Year 12 subjects

Canterbury enjoys a proud record of outstanding academic results.

Unlike some schools that reduce their percentage of ATAR-eligible students each year to artificially inflate their results, an average of 82% of Canterbury students are ATAR-eligible each year.

Of these students, we are proud that around 30% achieve an ATAR of 90 or higher.

While we pride ourselves on providing valuable vocational pathways, the vast majority of our students each year are university-bound, with high numbers of Canterbury graduates each year studying:

  • Medicine and Allied Health – Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nursing and Midwifery.
  • Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences.
  • Business, Commerce and Law.
  • Creative Industries and Fine Arts – Music, Design, Film and Media Studies.

Class of 2021

Nicholas Murphy

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Mathematics
University of Queensland

In 2016 I walked into Canterbury as a Year 7 student full of ambition, but knowing very little.

Six years later I walked out with all the same ambition, knowing a lot more, and in a far better position to pursue those ambitions.

Throughout my time at the College, I have been encouraged to delve into a range of extra-curricular school activities.

I played cricket, rugby and football every year – culminating in having the privilege of playing for the three respective Firsts teams in Years 11 and 12 – as well as representing the College in athletics, cross-country and swimming.

I was consistently backed by staff and peers in my pursuit of both academic success and leadership growth, and it has been this Canterbury support that pushed me to overcome many obstacles, and develop as a student and as a leader.

In 2022, I will be studying a dual degree Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland.

While I’m not yet set on a certain career path, I am confident that I’m on the right track and will continue to explore opportunities as they arise.

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, English, Physical Education.

Madeleine MacKenzie

I commenced at the College in 2019 beginning at Year 10, and I have since maintained that moving to Canterbury has been one of the best decisions I have made to date.

At Canterbury I have been able to find a love for all my subjects – my favorites being French, English and History, and later also discovering a love for Legal Studies in Years 11 and 12.

These subjects allowed for an exploration of topics on different societal issues, and enhanced my understanding of the different cultural aspects that affect how societies interact.

Canterbury has given me a great number of opportunities – from academic to sporting to social, while honing my academic skills.

Canterbury also gave me opportunities to compete for the school at interschool equestrian competitions, join debating in Years 11 and 12, and be part of the girls Firsts football team in Year 12.

I’ve made many amazing friends at Canterbury and have great memories that will stay with me forever.

My experience as a student leader has helped me to grow, and continued to develop my desire to help people, and strive to improve the lives of everyone in any way that I can.

It’s impossible to pick one highlight from my time at the College, because there have been so many special moments – from branching connections between our Junior and Secondary Schools with our student leadership, to my friends, and to my studies.

All in all, I would say Canterbury itself has been the highlight for me.

In 2022, I intend to go to university to later pursue a career in the fields of Law and International Relations.

Subjects: Chemistry, Legal Studies, Modern History, General Mathematics, French, English Literature.

Anderson Som

Bachelor of Vision Science
Queensland University of Technology

I started at Canterbury College in 2016 going into Year 7, but little did I know just how much the next six years would have in store for me.

My first Canterbury year had me watching my peers immerse themselves into the school’s culture and offerings – opportunities that I let slip as I was simply too shy and nervous.

I made the athletics team in 2016, but it became clear to me that remaining uninvolved, would just leave me disappointed with my high school experience.

So I resolved to throw myself into Canterbury life – a decision that would change me fundamentally.

In 2017, I joined the boys vocal group, the basketball and debating teams, and participated in the F1 Schools Challenge, which involved designing a model F1 then packaging its marketing and sponsorships.

In 2018, I added hip hop squad and volleyball to the mix, and maintained these extra-curricular activities throughout 2019, as well as trying my hand at contemporary dance.

I cut down my activities in 2020 with an increasing academic workload, but remained determined to continue living the Canterbury experience.

I joined the College’s Australian Space Design Competition team, plus their first ever boys netball team, which received a wildcard entry into the Vicki Wilson Cup.

2020 saw my debut in the TAS competition’s premier stage, earning a place in the First VI boys volleyball team.

In my final year, despite academic pressure reaching an all-time high, I joined the College’s Rock School, becoming a vocalist for two bands and competing at the Battle of the Rock Bands where we won Gold.

Furthermore, I made Canterbury’s First XV Rugby team despite being my first year playing.

I also participated in a variety of leadership and entrepreneurial programs, like the Beenleigh Chamber of Commerce, Eureka Science Video Competition, and the gen[in] Student Innovation Challenge.

Academically, there was the Australian Maths Olympiad, Australian Maths Competition, ICAS Challenges, the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland’s competition in Japanese, and the International Chemistry Quiz.

I represented Canterbury at the Intermediate and Senior Schools Volleyball Cup, the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup in 2019 and 2021, the Nitro Athletics Competition, the Ballymore Cup and Rugby 7s Cups.

Arts-wise, I was an ensemble member for the 2018 Anglican Schools Music Festival and 2019 Canterbury Festival, among other performances with House of Champions and the University of Queensland Chorale.

My school achievements include Academic Excellence from Year 8 onwards, as well as various subject prizes to contribute towards the privilege of being named Dux of Years 9, 10 and 11.

I consistently achieved highly in academic competitions, culminating in two High Distinctions in 2021 for the AMC and ICQ, plus being a State Finalist in the English Speaking Union’s Public Speaking Competition.

On the sports court, a well-earned second place at the 2021 AVSC was a fitting farewell to my volleyball career after a second-place finish in the TAS season.

I enjoyed medal finishes at previous volleyball cups and narrow misses in netball, athletics and rugby.

Finally, I was privileged to serve as a Prefect and be the Academic Captain, as well as Debating Captain.

In 2022, I will enter QUT to study a Bachelor of Vision Science, into a Master of Optometry under QUT’s Excellence Scholarship for Academics.

I also plan to extend myself into volunteering. I’m excited for the future, but I will always be fond of the time I had at Canterbury.

Subjects: English, Japanese, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics.

Briana Dinsdale

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) /
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Queensland University of Technology

My time at Canterbury was amazing, where I began in Pre-Prep (now Kindy) and enjoyed the whole journey all the way through to Year 12.

I was involved in many extra-curricular activities at the College, such as Cantabile, touch football, basketball, netball, cross country, hip hop squad, girls chorale and Rock School – where I was awarded the Spirit Award in Year 10, and the overall Shield at the conclusion of Year 12.

I had so many amazing teachers, coaches and mentors while at the school that I will always remember.

They all played a very special part in my schooling journey.

Three reasons why parents should send their children to Canterbury are: that the school is so understanding of students’ personal lives, the College community is second to none, and the overall opportunities students can receive through the school are out of this world!

For 2022, I have been offered the Creative Industries Excellence Scholarship to QUT studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music), doubling into a Bachelor of Secondary Education.

This is very exciting for me, as I get to learn the aspects of being a teacher, while still specialising in particular musical activities such as music production and musical engineering.

I am so grateful to everyone who made Canterbury a special place for me and I can’t wait to return for events.

Subjects: English, General Mathematics, Psychology, Dance, Music, Music Extension (Performance).

Lucia Hughes

Bachelor of Law (Honours) /
Bachelor of Medical Science
Australian National University

Going to Canterbury was a wonderful eight years of my life, where I think I was really able to grow as a person.

I was so happy for all the unique opportunities that I got to enjoy at Canterbury – like being part of ARTISTrio with a magnificent world-class coach!

Plus having wonderful teachers who supported me in every way they possibly could, while also being some of the most friendly people in my school week.

They really motivated me to get to where I am, doing the things that I love right now.

During my College studies I was privileged to win the 2020 and 2021 Music Excellence Awards, and the Ensemble Shields for Chamber Music and Ritornello in both Years 11 and 12.

I was also involved in Cantabile and the Canterbury Dance Company, while performing with the Queensland Youth Symphony and Australian Youth Orchestra Programs.

This year I’m commencing my tertiary studies at the Australian National University with a double degree in Law (Honours) and Medical Science.

I will also be involved in the contemporary dance team and symphony orchestra here at ANU, as a continuation of the extra-curricular activities I was exposed to at Canterbury.

Subjects: Chemistry, English, Modern History, Dance, Music, Music Extension (Performance).

Gemma King

Bachelor of Law (Honours)

My Canterbury journey began midway through Year 7 in 2016.

I still remember the day I printed out the College’s Student Application Forms and handed them to my parents, after always wanting to be part of the school’s sporting and academic programs.

To think how far I’ve come from that young girl who wore braids in my hair every day from Year 7 to 9, and had no idea where this journey was going to lead me.

From the successes I shared on the athletics track, which took me all over Australia, to my love for participating and trialling almost every extra-curricular sport listed with TAS – such as touch football, soccer, rugby 7s, swimming, cross country, volleyball, netball, basketball… and not to mention my terrible failure training with Mr Walker in my cricketing journey which only lasted a week!

I always felt a sense of pride in that navy and red uniform.

Sport also gave me an opportunity to show and develop my leadership skills, helping me achieve Middle School Vice-Captain, Goldsworthy House Vice-Captain, and Athletics Captain in 2021.

I felt that after everything the school has done for me, leadership and being a role model for younger students was the best way to give back.

On top of all these amazing sports I was participating in, I was juggling them alongside my academics.

In Senior school I had to compromise some of my social life and sport to dedicate myself to full-time study.

After countless hours spent revising and perfecting assignments, and the various hurdles faced along the way, I can finally say it was all worth it in the end.

I most definitely would not have been able to do it without all the amazing Canterbury teachers and staff.

In 2022 I will be studying a Bachelor of Law (Honours) at university and have been working casually as a legal clerical and receptionist at an amazing law firm.

Thanks to this amazing college, I am confident in the next journey ahead, and have never felt so prepared.

Subjects: English, Modern History, Legal Studies, Visual Art, Psychology, Mathematics.

Caitlyn Peck

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

I started my scholastic journey at Canterbury when I moved from another school in Year 3 back in 2012.

I’ve always had an affinity for science subjects, with my favourite being chemistry – it just seemed to click with me.

But I am also an athlete and have an avid interest in physical education.

As a result, I’m a very active person, so naturally I have always enjoyed physical education and was constantly enthusiastic about the work and study.

I greatly valued discovering chemistry’s complicated innerworkings and also participating in experiments with my fellow students.

The favourite part of my Senior years was being involved with chemistry and physical education.

Another important part of my journey with Canterbury was the ability to create memories with my peers that I can reflect and smile upon.

I’m sure some of these memories will live among my favourites, even as I traverse my post Canterbury life.

During Secondary School, I didn’t participate in many co-curricular activities, due to my heavy involvement in my chosen sport of Artistic Roller Skating.

But in Year 12 I decided to participate in cross country, where I received a 1st at districts, 3rd at regionals and 3rd in the state’s championships relay team. I also represented Canterbury in TAS cross country.

In my Senior years, I have also received first for the Certificate III in Fitness and the Taipans Sports Award.

I was also privileged to hold the title of College Prefect as the 2021 Goldsworthy House Captain.

My plan for 2022 is to attend university and pursue a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Certificate III in Fitness, General Mathematics, English.

Kai Cheng (Ivan) Keh

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Queensland University of Technology

I first arrived at Canterbury when I was 14 years old in 2019.

Being an international student who lived in a developing country for my entire life, adjusting to the technologically advanced learning facilities and teaching methods was certainly difficult.

However, with the help of many wonderful and generous teachers and staff, as well as my brilliant and helpful friends, I was able to end my schooling career with flying colours.

My favourite subject is engineering as I enjoy the process of researching, designing and then creating a realistic solution to some of our major world issues.

I believe the skills and knowledge obtained from this subject is vital for driving technological innovation which can help push Australia’s growth and prosperity, while benefiting the wider world.

The discussions and collaborations we held in class under the guidance of a marvellous teacher made the subject even more fun and interesting.

Some of my highlights include singing with my friends at the 2021 Music Festival, attending the eSports Finals at QUT, and having an absolute blast playing in Seconds Soccer during my final school term.

But my favourite school highlight was Year 11 Camp where we went to Burleigh.

The memories I made on that trip will always put a smile on my face.

From the early morning walks to see the sunrise with a hot chocolate in my hand, to the relaxing paddle boating and late night beach walks – the experience was truly magical.

I have a few achievements which include Academic Excellence, 2021 eSports Captain and GPA Big Improver, and I have also managed to obtain the International Merit Scholarship at QUT.

In 2022, I will attend QUT for a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), while majoring in Computer and Software Systems and minoring in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Subjects: Specialist Mathematics, Engineering, Mathematical Methods, English, Digital Solutions, Physics.