Here’s What Parents & Carers Are Saying About Us On Social Media…

‘Word Of Mouth’ remains the biggest source of enrolment enquiries to our school.

But you don’t need to take our word for it, when we promote Canterbury College.

Here’s what parents and carers are saying about us on social media…

“Canterbury is always looking at ways to improve and change the ways that they do things. They understand that the world is changing. They know they are a great school, but still want to be better for its students, teachers and families. Being able to see that there is always room for improvement is the difference.”

“Canterbury encompasses an entire holistic learning experience for our humans to be world ready! Exceeded our expectations to date! Congratulations and well done! Investment well spent.”

“For my children, their connections formed with teachers has had a positive impact on their learning/achievement of their goals. Some schools lose this due to sheer size and/or lack of good quality teaching staff. Their package offering is effective in managing student wellbeing and allows students to gain life skills in readiness for life after the college. The college is led well from the top which I feel creates an ongoing ripple effect throughout a school.”

“People, the students are great. One of the deciders for us to send our children there, was walking to the Admin Building to meet the Registrar, and interacting with the wonderful students. They were all happy, courteous, well-mannered, and positive. Upon seeing that, we thought it was a good environment for our children to go to that school.”

“The school grounds are beautiful, I love the trees and green spaces as many other schools are concrete jungles. The facilities are terrific. The teaching staff are really approachable, and nearly all of them over the years have taken time to know my child as a learner and are supportive of her. She has done better in high school than I ever dreamed she would do. That comes down to her teachers. Therefore, I think the teaching staff are your best asset.”

“The way they handle bullying and social issues with students. I have mentioned how a situation was handled with my daughter, and people are amazed in comparison to their experiences at other schools. Canterbury has an extremely strong sense of community and belonging.”

“Fees are up there, but so worth it just to have the children in a safe environment with respectful students, parents and staff. The students learn without the disruption of behavioural issues being experienced in the public system. Will my two be doctors, dentists or lawyers? Probably not, but they are in a position to get the absolute best out of their school years in a caring, nurturing environment.”

“You get what you pay for. Honestly, it’s a great school and I wouldn’t put my children in any public school around here, and under catchments you’re very limited!”

“For how much we pay in full-time daycare fees it’s definitely worth it! We look forward to seeing our little one progress at CC.”

“My daughter is ASD and ADHD and has been at Canterbury since Kindy and we love the school.”

“My daughter attends Canterbury College and has since Kindy. The school has lots of opportunities in the sport, academic and art areas. We love the school ❤️.”

“At Canterbury I have found the teachers approachable, the curriculum is fabulous, and the kids and their parents are lovely. It’s easy to get the kids to school each day, as they want to go, whereas previously it was a struggle. Neither of mine are full-on sporty or academically outstanding, but there are so many opportunities we didn’t previously have, and both have found their happy places in music and sport. They are also now learning without constant disruptions which is the most important part of the move.”

“Can’t fault this school, and best of all, my kid loves going to school and always comes home telling me about how great her day was. It’s a very ‘inclusive’ school and they have a solid foundation teaching the kids to respect themselves and one another. I also love the Bridge Builders ambassadors program. These kids get additional training and are identified by orange vests at group recesses. Kids know they can go to these ambassadors to help resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully in the playground. All in all it’s a great school. Uniform can be pricey but it’s a tiny negative against so many positives.”

“We give Canterbury College the big tick! We moved from a private school at Daisy Hill 2 years ago; and the boys settled in well, grades have improved, and they have a lot of sport and co-curricular opportunities.”

“Both my kids are at Canterbury, one in Year 8 and one in Prep. My son in Year 8 struggled in Primary at a different school to really fit in. But Canterbury has so much on offer and he has really found his place, which is great, and he actually enjoys going. My preppie started in Kindy and loves it, the teachers have been wonderful, and he has grown so much academically this year. There’s a lot of after school activities on offer for them to try too.”


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