Wellbeing at Canterbury is the encompassing of holistic education and the journey that each member of the College community undertakes as they learn to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively.

Canterbury advocates a whole school “holistic” approach to wellbeing. This occurs in the creation of positive interpersonal relationships that involve trust, integrity, respect, and compassion, and as a result of the social learning created in working collaboratively and cooperatively with other students, College staff and the wider community.

The framework for this holistic approach is provided by the College’s Vision and Mission and the Wellbeing Blueprint. This vision for wellbeing at Canterbury will allow each student to develop life skills to cope with and engage in an ever-changing world while building their emotional resilience in striving for success and future-readiness.

This framework is also supported by a network of crucial wellbeing staff and formalised by a structured wellbeing curriculum. These staff proactively promote and maintain a supportive, collaborative and inclusive learning community at the College and strive to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors throughout each individuals journey at Canterbury.

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Wellbeing blueprint