Canterbury is focused on producing optimistic, compassionate and confident world ready students. Canterbury’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CCEL) supports this vision by delivering innovative entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities that will allow students to develop, grow, cope and engage in an ever-changing world, learning to live with complexity, uncertainty and diversity.

The cornerstone of developing successful world ready students is underpinned by the four C’s of 21st Century Skills – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. These four key concepts provide the foundation for the three student-centric strategic visions of the CCEL –  opportunity, innovation and growth.


Cultivate student-centric opportunities by engaging in proactive collaboration and communication that foster positive contributions for personal-mastery in critical thinking and creativity


Provide a safe, secure and agile learning space where students can innovate, discover and deliver value within the relational capacities of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.


Sustain student autonomy by enabling and supporting students to collaborate, communicated, think critically and creatively.

The CCEL supports staff and students to think innovatively and reshape future learning to enhance the delivering of capability across the College in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership. To provide this capability requires a broad suite of skills and dispositions driven by a passion for being future-focused, influencing success and producing personally meaningful work.

The CCEL is crafted around three broad fundamental objectives:


CCEL is the exemplar for the provision of delivering capability in schools for Entrepreneurship and Leadership.


CCEL responsibly challenges the status quo and encourages staff and students to think innovatively and to nurture relationships of influence.


CCEL will engage with key internal and external decision-makers and partners in generating areas of benefit in support of maintaining and building entrepreneurship and leadership