Strategic Direction

The Strategic Direction 2020-2023 charts a course for Canterbury to be recognised nationally as a leading ELC-Year 12 Coeducational Anglican School.

Our aspiration is for each Canterbury graduate to be, in a multitude of different ways, World Ready.

The six pillars of this Strategic Direction will help us to achieve this ambition.

Principal Dan Walker presents the Strategic Direction and summarises the six pillars.

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Our aspiration is for each Canterbury graduate to be, in a multitude of different ways, World Ready.

See our progress as at the end of 2020:

Download the 2020 Progress Continuum Document

Student Programs


Distinctive Curriculum
Offer and be known for, the widest offering of academic subjects of any school in Queensland.

Feedback, reporting and tracking
Track the achievement of every student throughout the year and provide a responsive and innovative continuous reporting platform for parents and students.

Instructional framework
Use a research-based framework which promotes thinking and academic resilience, to inform classroom instruction.

Sport Academy
Nurture high performance in a select range of targeted sports through the Sports Academy.

Arts Academy
Review and reposition the Arts Academy to focus on areas of strategic advantage.

Entrepreneurship pathway
Deliver a cohesive approach to entrepreneurship education which culminates in a viable ‘third pathway’ to complement academic and vocational streams.

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Strategic Plan Student Programs

Student Development

Strategic Plan Infographic Student Development

House system
Embed the six Houses as the critical component of the pastoral and wellbeing system in the Secondary School.

Wellbeing blueprint
Support the overall wellbeing of all students by mapping individual student development across all domains of the Wellbeing blueprint.

Academic resilience
Deliver a study skills and academic resilience program which responds to the changing nature of assessment in Queensland.

Service and social justice
Entrench a refreshed array of justice and community service partnerships linked to our Anglican values, emphasising transformational service.

Leadership and adventure
Implement a new framework of ‘adventure learning’ which challenges students and builds grit, independence and interdependence.

Spiritual development
Expand the range and context of worship opportunities, whilst ensuring relevance and responsiveness to our community.

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Eliminate 50% of single use plastics from College operations and purchasing procedures.

Implement a successful paper, cardboard, can and bottle recycling program.

Collect and store a greater quantity of rain water, for use in grounds and ovals.

Utilise solar generation to reduce the College energy consumption by 25% by 2023, working towards self-sufficiency by 2035.

Master plan
Prepare a 20-year College Master Plan to revitalise the connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as anticipate future priorities.

Paddock to plate
Implement an integrated model of sustainable farming, food technology and hospitality from ELC to Year 12.

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Strategic Plan Infographic Sustainability

People and Culture

Strategic Plan Infographic People Culture

Teacher quality
Be an employer of first choice for Queensland’s best and brightest teachers.

Retention and attraction
Utilise an array of tactics to attract and retain talented staff, as well as improve leadership density.

Mentoring and development
Use a coaching and mentoring model which nurtures early career teachers and motivates all teachers to continuously improve.

Staff profiles and networks
Ensure Canterbury teachers, middle leaders and Executive staff have well-developed profiles through professional associations and national conferences

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Logan City
Contribute as a powerful advocacy voice for Logan and its future strategy and maturity
as a growing, diverse and dynamic city.

Canterbury Alumni Network
Use the network of alumni to build a more powerful connection to Canterbury, its students and staff.

Canterbury Parent Supporters Groups
Engage authentically with parents in their support of both the co-curricular program and the general life of the College.

Canterbury Business Network
Be known for our active and dynamic network of business owners and operators, which build a strong sense of community.

Round Square = Student exchanges and global partnerships
As a member of the Round Square alliance
of schools, provide opportunities for students to collaborate with other students from around the world, in academic, outdoor education, service and leadership pursuits.

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Strategic Plan Infographic Engagement

Operations and Infrastructure

Strategic Plan Infographic Operations Infrastructure

Financial prudence
Operate sustainably and within its means, whilst investing carefully in future programs and infrastructure which serve the best interests of students.

Risk and compliance culture
Establish a clear and accountable culture of risk and compliance management.

Canterbury Clubs
Operate a range of successful community sporting clubs, including Tennis, Swimming and Athletics in our world-class facilities.

Canterbury “After-Hours”
Investigate the viability of offering Certificate level and other academic short courses in the evenings and during school holidays, to position the College as a true community hub.

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