Canterbury College offers a diverse Sport program in which all students from Prep onwards are encouraged to participate.

Children from Prep to Year 3 can join in development pathway programs, and students from Year 4 onwards train for and play in interschool competition.

The College is a member of both The Associated Schools (TAS) for Years 7 – 12 and Junior The Associated Schools (JTAS) for Years 4 – 6 interschool sporting competitions which stage a wide variety of team sports throughout each year. Canterbury teams also compete in a number of state and national wide competitions. Our teams are coached by experienced and qualified coaches.

The extensive selection of sports is played in state-of-the-art facilities within a supportive environment, and coaching expertise is drawn from internal and external sources.

The College also supports and encourages students to pursue representative opportunities where they progress from school representation or teams through to Pacific District and South Coast Regional teams and on to Queensland and National honours.

Co-Curricular student group cheering