Year 9 Impact With Engineering Talk | University Of Queensland Special Presentation

Last Thursday, the University of Queensland‘s (UQ) Women In Engineering Faculty gave an Impact With Engineering presentation to our Year 9 students.

The talk discussed various Science pathways and the impact the students could have if they pursued STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths subjects.

Our Year 9s learnt that being a scientist was much more than just wearing a white lab coat, working in a laboratory, and doing lots of equations.

These days it means working as part of a team, envisioning and creating innovative and effective solutions – such as feeding the starving, constructing replacement human limbs, addressing climate change, assembling next-generation robots, and developing needle-free vaccines.

They also shared with our students the various focus areas within engineering itself – Advanced Manufacturing, Built Environment, Digital Design & Technology, Energy, Environment, Health, Resources & Space, and more.

Potential jobs available in the industry and what student life is really like at UQ was also covered.

Employment vacancies across STEM positions are growing faster than in any other field, and we want to foster problem-solving, creativity, analytical and critical thinking, and strong communication skills, to allow all of our students to excel and be World Ready.

Please click the weblink here for more information about UQ’s Women In Engineering program.