Year 2 Excursion: Beenleigh Historical Village | Event Wrap & Photo Gallery

Today, our excited Year 2 students took a step back in time at the nearby Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum.

In small groups, they explored the village’s colonial history, and were given a taste of the ‘olden days’.

Highlights included live demonstrations of…

• an operational fire engine

• traditional laundry techniques

• a printing press in action

• and the Loganholme ‘one teacher only’ school classroom.

In this last display, our little excursioners learnt about historical classroom etiquette, old generation teaching tools, and the ‘multi-year-level’ instruction methods used by the solitary teacher.

You can discover more about the Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum on their website HERE.

To see the full photo gallery from this event, please visit our Facebook Page HERE.