Year 1 Excursion: Kingston Butter Factory | Recap & Photo Gallery

Today, our Year 1 students embarked on an enriching educational journey at the Kingston Butter Factory, immersing themselves in diverse subjects such as Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Visual Art.

During this insightful visit, our young learners engaged in various exhibits and activities, including:

  • Exploring the BIG VOICES: Children’s Art Matters exhibit.
  • Creating artwork inspired by First Nations Peoples and local community members.
  • Discovering digital stories like ‘Our Uncles Our Aunties’ and ‘Waijin: The Guardian of Scrubby Creek’ in the First Nations’ Space.
  • Examining historical photographs of the Kingston Butter Factory.
  • Exploring the Historical Museum.

Check out the photos on our Facebook Page HERE for a glimpse into this multifaceted learning excursion.