Students Performing Advanced Research Queensland (SPARQ-ed) Senior Research Immersion Program | Congratulations Rayan Mohammad

For the past week, Year 10 student Rayan Mohammad joined Years 10-12 students across Queensland, for the Students Performing Advanced Research Queensland (SPARQ-ed) Senior Research Immersion Program at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) over in Woolloongabba.

He has been working on a ‘real world’ research project titled: Targeting DNA Replication In Cancer.

Rayan experienced a busy few days completing laboratory induction and equipment training, before performing a High Content Imaging Assay and a DNA Fibre Assay inside TRI’s state-of-the-art labs.

He also enjoyed the opportunity to attend two seminars by Professor Alex Brown and Dr Matthew Jones, as well as visit the microscopy facilities in the upper labs at the TRI.

The students have been analysing their results and preparing a presentation outlining their findings.

They will be presenting to their peers, parents, carers, teachers and the TRI research community.

This presentation will take place at 1:30pm TODAY (Friday 14 July) at the TRI Auditorium (SPARQ-ed Classroom), or online via Zoom.