A serious phone message received from Queensland Transport’s Road Safety Unit:

“Hi Canterbury,

We’re contacting you regarding some complaints we’ve been receiving from School Crossing Supervisors and parents, regarding certain parents speeding through your adjoining roads during drop-off and pick-up times – especially around the school crossing areas on High Road.

We are also getting complaints about parents parking on the striped line in the afternoons – especially when it’s really busy – which blocks the School Crossing Supervisors’ visibility of the road both ways, and creates a dangerous workplace for them and the students they are trying to keep safe.

This is especially hazardous when they have to walk out between large vehicles onto the road to temporarily halt traffic to let children cross the road.

They are facing reduced views of oncoming traffic and some of that traffic is speeding over the School Zone limit.

This dangerous situation cannot continue or someone will get seriously injured or worse in an accident.

So could you please put the message out to your parents advising them to slow down and be more cautious around school crossings.

Ask them to plan ahead and allow extra time for their drop-offs and pick-ups, so they can drive through there slowly and park safely for everybody involved.

There is a strict 40km hour speed limit in place from 7-9am and 2-4pm in your School Zone on school days, and some parents are either being distracted from obeying the rules, or are simply ignoring them.

The next step will be getting the police involved where heavy fines will be issued to drivers caught breaking the rules.

Let’s not let things get to that stage. Thank you!”

Road Safety Unit
QLD Transport & Main Roads Dept


Dear All,

We recently engaged a traffic engineering firm to conduct a full audit of our six entrances, three local roadways and our set-down, pick-up and carparking areas.

Their preliminary information has confirmed that we need to redesign our entrances and exits to improve safe traffic flow during peak time afternoons.

We are now in planning mode to prepare some interim measures to take the pressure off Entrance A on High Road in the afternoons, as part of a whole campus strategy for a new Master Plan that works around our fast growing school.

Thanks for your comments and further feedback evidence on our related Facebook Page post.

And stay tuned for more information.


Dan Walker


Our Queensland Labor Member for Waterford Ms Shannon Fentiman MP has advised that electronic speed signs are being installed on Old Logan Village Road and hopefully Easterly Street (approved in the last State budget).