Public Canterbury App Guest Logins Are Here

Are you a grandparent, uncle, aunt or close family friend who wants access to Canterbury News – which includes weekend sport schedules, plus College Groups Information & Events, College Forms & Weblinks, the School’s Main Contacts List and the College Website, BUT DON’T want or need access to your related Canterbury student’s private academic results or study information?

GOOD NEWS! A limited number of MyCC Guest Logins have been developed and released by our IT Department.

As we announced back in early June, the public Canterbury App available from the App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play (for Android devices) is now fully synced with MyCC, so ALL features are now fully accessible from both platforms – as requested by many parents.

However, this meant adding account login password security to the Canterbury App to protect students’ private academic results and study information from the outside world – imperative for parents, carers and the students themselves – not so great for the other people listed above.

So we have now developed a limited number of MyCC Guest Logins which give you access to the useful public information on the app – without any of the sensitive stuff…

If you wish to access one of these logins – please call the Canterbury College Director of Communications & Engagement Stephen Buckley to run through the process over the phone step-by-step.

Work Landline: 07 3299 0932
Work Mobile: 0401 086 387

Thank you for your patience over the last month while we resolved this issue, which was actually much more complex than it seems on the surface!