Gold Coast Secondary Interschool Chess Tournament | Event Wrap

We took 16 students to Somerset College this term for the 2023 Gold Coast Interschool Chess Tournament.

All students had to participate in seven games and were awarded a merit badge if they won 4.5 or more matches, while 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed students received medals.

Competition Highlights:

A Division – Anthony Li: 17th out of 64 players winning 5.5 out of 7 games.

This is an excellent result with Anthony Li against the best and brightest chess players in the Gold Coast Region.

B Division – Amir Al Shoomary: 3rd out of 51 players.

Amir placed 3rd in B Division, a testament to his ability as a Chess player.

Amir’s Chess rating has risen from 579 to 809 as a result!

C Division – The Canterbury C Team placed 6th in club standings out of 27 teams for that division.

D Division – Jordan Ide received a bronze medal for placing 3rd in D Division, winning 6 out of 7 games on the day.

Darcy Taylor placed 5th out of 45 players.

This was a great success as it was their first Interschool Chess Tournament.

D Division – The Canterbury D Team placed 2nd in club standings out of 13 units.

Merit Badges: The following students received merit badges for winning at least 4.5/7 games on the day: Ramon Zeng, Liam McGregor, Leslie Ho, and Darcy Taylor.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and many thanks to Gardiner Chess who hosted this welcoming event.

Well done to the following students who participated in the 2023 Gold Coast Secondary Interschool Chess Tournament:

A Division: Ashutosh Vaitha, Anthony Li, Kevin Dizon, Shubham Bhatt.

B Division: Amir Al-Shoomary, Deacon Hunt, Rayan Mohammad, Jordan Tan.

C Division: Leslie Ho, Liam McGregor, Ramon Zeng, Matthew Flaherty.

D Division: Connar Smith-Miller, Darcy Taylor, Jordan Ide, Joshua Brass.

Photos of this event will be available on our Facebook page shortly.

Mr Harley Macbeth
Secondary Teacher