Dear Parents & Carers,

Our Year 6 Junior School Teacher Mr Jonathon Wheatley is doing an online presentation during these winter school holidays.

He’s been invited to present at next week’s Australian Literacy Educators’ Association National Conference: Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 July @ Brisbane – under this year’s theme: Challenge & Change.

Mr Wheatley will be presenting work done, while on a lockdown teaching break, where he created education music videos to teach early learners during a lockdown.

(A very topical subject considering the week we’ve just experienced in South-East Queensland!)

He will be representing Canterbury College as part of explaining his current teaching role and presenting his background information.

It will be a pre-recorded 15-minute presentation to an online conference, and you can register now by clicking here.

For full conference information & timetables, please click here.

Please contact the event organisers for the specific time and date for Mr Wheatley’s presentation.

Hosted by:
ALEA – Australian Literacy Educators’ Association –
AATE – Australian Association for the Teaching of English –