Years 11 & 12 Visual Art Excursion | Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) & Queensland Art Gallery (QAG)

Our Years 11 and 12 Visual Art students visited the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) over at Southbank last Thursday.

They viewed the Air exhibition at GoMA, as well as the general collection and Looking Out, Looking In exhibitions at the QAG.

These exhibitions offered an exciting mix of contemporary and older artworks, from both Australia and overseas, and were very inspirational to our students.

The excursion timing was perfect as they prepare to produce their own artworks and give theoretical appraisals of the works produced by other artists.

It was a valuable experience for our budding artists, and connects directly with their explorations as ‘artist and audience’ for their units Art As Lens and Art As Knowledge.

More information on the exhibitions that our students visited can be found on the GoMA Website HERE.

More photos from the excursion can be found shortly on our Facebook Page HERE.