Years 11 & 12 Formal Etiquette Lessons | Photo Gallery

Over the past few weeks, our Years 11 and 12 students have engaged in fine dining and etiquette lessons during their Wellbeing classes.

This experience saw our students sit down to dine in a restaurant, as our Hospitality students and their teachers served them.

While they shared a meal, Mrs Lainey Loneragan – the Managing Director of Etiquette & Manners Australia, taught them the nuances of social etiquette in formal dining.

How to correctly use their cutlery, how to know which glass to use, which bread roll to take, and how to manage themselves in a fine-dining setting are all included.

Our students also learned the etiquette of introductions, handshakes and dressing for each occasion.

Our Year 12s will put this learning into action at their upcoming Senior Formal, and we hope that our Year 11s will also embrace these skills at various events in the future.

This social knowledge will hold them in good stead as they head into the world.

More photos from this event can be found on our Facebook page HERE.