World Teacher’s Day Reflection

Canterbury celebrated World Teacher’s Day this morning with a special breakfast function, at which some of our students were the guest speakers.

This is an annual tradition at Canterbury, and I know how much it means to our staff, that our students share their stories of the special teachers who have made an impact on them.

There are many who believe that teaching has become such a complex and under-appreciated profession, that it’s becoming harder to persuade people to join our ranks.

I don’t believe this is true…

In fact, my observations about our school is that we have a much higher percentage of graduates going onto become teachers, than at any other school I’ve ever worked in.

And this cannot be an accident…

I know it’s because of the empathetic, charismatic and smart teaching staff we have here.

I know that without saying anything, it has inspired generations of Canterbury students to go on and become teachers themselves.

I will have more to say on an exciting new initiative to attract high-performing Canterbury alumni back to our school as teachers in the new year – so please watch this space!

But on this day, I give my thanks as the Principal of this wonderful school, to the team of 120 teachers who go above and beyond for our students every day.

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