Two Tests In One… Year 9 & Year 3 Joint Ag Science Class: Seed Germination

Canterbury’s Year 9 Agricultural Science Class ran two experiments simultaneously this week – a science experiment and a ‘social learning’ type experiment.

These Year 9 students played ‘teacher for a day’ by preparing a lesson plan, then hosting some Year 3 students ‘on loan’ from the Junior School.

Together they conducted simple tests on which conditions resulted in the best alfalfa seed germination – a soil or cotton wool base, and under sunlight or darkness.

While the Year 3s were learning about actual germination and placing their guesses on which seeds would grow best, the Year 9s were also learning how to teach and explain concepts simply and effectively.

The overall challenge or question being: How can you possibly teach a Year 3 student if you don’t understand the science and rationale behind the experiment in the first place?

What we saw were some Year 9 students keen to pass on their knowledge and scientific interest, and some Year 3 students eager to learn from their older compatriots.

Gotta love Science!

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