THANK YOU To Our 2021 Prefects

As our final Term approaches, we would like to thank our 2021 Prefects for their dedication, time and service to our College community. 👏🙏

Photo 1 (L-R) 2021 School Captains: Nicholas Murphy and Madeleine MacKenzie.

Photo 2 (L-R) 2021 Junior School Captains: Isabella Franklin and Henry Flaxman.

Photo 3 (L-R) 2021 Junior and Secondary School Captains: Nicholas Murphy, Isabella Franklin, Henry Flaxman and Madeleine MacKenzie.

Photo 4 (L-R) 2021 Secondary School Prefects: Lachlan Walker, Anderson Som, Lily Wacker, Mia Walker, Nicholas Murphy, Briana Dinsdale, John Stanley, Madeleine MacKenzie, Caitlyn Peck, Jade Arbuthnot, Liam Greenaway, Aloma Otuafi and Charles Deane.