Important Message From The Principal

By now, many parents will have watched the story on Federal Government funding for outer metropolitan independent schools on the ABC’s 7:30 Report program last night, or watched it on the ABC website or iView platform today featuring Canterbury College.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the weblink to the video and full transcript – Private School Funding Creating A Political Brawl – 7:30 Report (

The government has made it very clear they will not be reconsidering their funding model on the basis that some schools are better off overall.

The way Canterbury parents can voice their concerns about the impact on our school is through our local Federal MP, Mr Bert van Manen.

Bert needs to hear directly from Canterbury parents – many of whom live in his electorate of Forde – that the nearly $3 million in funding that Canterbury will go without over the next decade, is unacceptable and likely to result in extra financial pressure for families, or student programs being cut back at our College.

We are working extremely hard to minimise the fee increase impact on parents, because even though the government’s new funding model assumes Canterbury parents can pay more for their children’s education, we know a large increase will result in families choosing to revert to the State School system.

Our goal is to see fee increases roughly in keeping with the past two years and to keep all extra schooling costs included within that Single Resource Charge.

Please use the Comments section on our related Facebook Page post, or contact Mr Bert van Manen MP directly, to voice your concerns about the impact of these funding changes to Canterbury, especially when the richest 30 schools in the country have had no decrease to their funding, despite the Direct Median Income (DMI) of their parents increasing.

Thank You

Dan Walker
Canterbury College

Get the FULL ABC story clearly explained here, including a table showing the estimated funding impact caused by the new DMI funding model on all regional and metropolitan independent Australian schools – Independent schools group says funding model brings them ‘biggest slice of disadvantage’ – ABC News