From Our Sports Captain Kate Neill

Examining moral compasses within teams is my main focus for 2022.

A ‘moral compass’ is an umbrella term that includes sportsmanship, participation, and ethical behaviour within our College’s sport.

I want this to be a main focal point of this year, due to the commercialisation of sports having emphasised the need for success over participation.

But what truly is success? What does success mean to us? To Canterbury?

The definition of success is to achieve one’s desired vision or goals.

Now, this success doesn’t have to be winning and, to be honest, winning shouldn’t be a team’s main goal.

I believe success for Canterbury is everyone having a go and having fun.

Currently, there is an imbalance between sportsmanship and competitiveness which allows for moral dilemmas to occur.

Now being able to view our school’s sporting teams over various years, I have realised the significance of examining moral standards that are instilled in us as young athletes.

These standards are going to differ from sport to sport and amongst teams, but I believe that morals and attitudes are predominately built around one’s environment.

At Canterbury, I have witnessed great teamwork and sportsmanship across all teams.

But now there is an opportunity to work on the level of participation following into Term Two.

Instead of asking you to join a sport, I invite you to join a little family – your team!

I view sport as my outlet and a way of expressing my true personality.

Sport is also a place where everyone is there to try their best and learn new skills, without judgement noticeable in other life avenues.

Furthermore, being involved in sport provides so many meaningful learning experiences and qualities such as time management, teamwork, health, flexibility and resilience.

The pre-season training for Term Two sports has commenced, and now is the perfect time to build strong bonds with your team-mates and a positive, social environment for your sport.

The Term Two sports are hockey, netball, rugby and tennis.

Another aspect of this moral compass that I would like to dive into is effort.

With effort includes coming to training fully prepared, trying your absolute best, and applying sportsmanship – whether to your rival schools or anybody in general – this level of decency and sportsmanship should stay consistent.

I look forward to watching all the teams ‘work hard’ and ‘play hard’ throughout this year.

And if you spot me watching your games, please say hi! I love all sports and I am always happy for a chat.

Please find attached a short video from our Term One Captains of Sport.


Kate Neill
Canterbury College Sports Captain