Canterbury College Dominates Logan 2021 ATAR Results

Canterbury’s reputation as an academic powerhouse was further reinforced today, with the release of QTAC’s ATAR results for Queensland’s newly graduated Year 12s.

The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) released their Australian Tertiary Admission Rankings (ATAR) this morning, showing 53.4% of Canterbury students achieved an ATAR of 80.00 or above, which equals the Top 20% of the State.

Remarkably, 16% of Canterbury students achieved an ATAR of 95.00 or above, which equals the Top 5% of the State.

College Principal Mr Dan Walker was very proud of the four students from Canterbury who achieved a 99.00 or higher ATAR – previously an OP1.

This achievement underpins the fact that talented and motivated students can achieve results beyond their dreams at Logan’s Canterbury College campus.

Key Canterbury College Results:

  • 5% Students achieved a 99.00 or better ATAR
  • 16% Students achieved a 95.00 or better ATAR
  • 28% Students achieved a 90.00 or better ATAR
  • 53.4% Students achieved an 80.00 or better ATAR
  • 8 Students achieved all As
  • 55% Students achieved only As and Bs in their six subjects
  • 90% Students ATAR eligible
  • 26% Average students achieving an ATAR (or equivalent) of 90.00 or above over the last five years
  • 61 Students awarded a VET qualification of Cert III or higher


These results come as no surprise to Principal Walker.

“I have remarked all year that Canterbury has more and more brilliant young minds coming through the ranks – and none more so than our cohort of 124 exceptional Class of 2021 students.”

“Parents are initially attracted to our Logan school by the enormous breadth of academic and co-curricular programs on offer – from 15 TAS representative sports to eSports, our Drone Academy and Chess Club – plus the 24 subject options we provide from Year 7.

“But our school mantra is World Ready, so underpinning these ‘all-round’ experiences must be a powerful academic spine, that fosters higher-order thinking, independence and motivation.

“Canterbury has achieved this balance and somewhat counterintuitively, both fields seem to ‘cross pollinate’ one another.

“The more our Year 12s engaged in co-curricular activities like Rock School, TAS sport, Rugby 7s and Netball Academies, Community Service, the Taipans Tutors after-school learning service etc, the better they seemed to perform academically, and the much happier their school days passed.

“So it’s about physical, well-being and spiritual stimulation supercharging their mental or academic performance, rather than these being mutually exclusive.”

Mr Walker warmly wishes all this year’s Canterbury Year 12s every success with their hard-earned ATAR results today, and with their further studies, workforce entry or possible gap year in 2022.

Mr Walker is especially pleased the College’s ATAR eligibility percentage – at nearly 90% this year, means the school’s ATAR results are a statistically meaningful snapshot of Canterbury’s outstanding academic culture and performance.

He now calls on all schools to be transparent about their ATAR eligibility percentage, in the interests of fair comparisons being made in public forums.

“A 35% ATAR of 90.00+ at a school with only 50% of its students studying an academic (ATAR) pathway, cannot be reasonably compared with a school where 90% of its students are in an ATAR pathway,” Mr Walker explained.

“Parents out there making important decisions about schools for their children deserve to have ‘apples with apples’ comparisons being made in the public arena.”

2021 Canterbury College – Summary ATAR Infographic below.