Brekkie Buskers BACK FOR 2023 | 7:40am – 8:20am, TOMORROW Tuesday 7 February @ Our Yalburru Community Café

What: Brekkie Buskers is back for 2023!

When: 7:40am – 8:20am, TOMORROW Tuesday 7 February 2023.

Where: Our Yalburru Community Café – Canterbury College.

Who: Performing for ALL Canterbury Parents & Carers, Students & Staff.

Hosts: Canterbury Performing Arts.

Featuring: Ashlyn Dinsdale and Rory Walker.

Mums & Dads & Carers – Drop your kids off then drop by our campus café for some FREE LIVE music with your hot coffee or tea, plus some cake or a toasted sandwich.

See you there!

NB: Our sample video below features Ashlyn and Rory from last year’s Friday Night Rocks concert as a Tuesday morning teaser…