2023 Canterbury Scholars Ceremony: Full Award-Winners Wrap & Photo Gallery Weblink

This morning we celebrated our newly graduated Class Of 2022’s ATAR and final Year 12 results at our 2023 Scholars Ceremony.

The whole Facebook Album photo gallery can be found at THIS WEBLINK HERE.


Dux of Canterbury College: Kristina Mrsic 🏆

Proxime Accessit: Laila Al Shoomary 🏆

🏅👏 Class Of 2022 Jefferson Fern Medal Recipients 🏅👏

Named after Mr Jefferson Fern – the first Dux of Canterbury College in 1991, and presented to those students who received an ATAR result of 90.00 or above.

  • Arfa Amer
  • Zachary Bakanay
  • Gian Bilston
  • Luna Blackmore
  • Erin Bromley
  • Harjaap Buttar
  • Arielle Consolati
  • ​​​​​​​Nicholas Dawson
  • Lachlan Donnelly
  • Leon Eyears
  • Jack Fentoullis
  • Chloe Gill
  • Ella Gill
  • Jordan Grant
  • Lauren Hergenhan
  • Tristyn Hunt
  • Jonathan Jennings
  • Tsz Chun (Isaac) Li
  • Sarah Love
  • Emma Masterman
  • Kyla Morse
  • Kristina Mrsic
  • ​​​​​​​Matthew Ng
  • Mya Rizk
  • ​​​​​​​Laila Al Shoomary
  • Jagdeep Singh
  • Joanne Vivian
  • Emily Xia

Jefferson Fern Medal and Certificate of Academic Commendation Recipients

The following students have also been awarded a Jefferson Fern Medal and a Certificate of Academic Commendation.

Certificates of Academic Commendations are awarded to Year 12 graduates who achieve an ‘A’ in six General subjects.

  • Gian Bilston
  • Luna Blackmore
  • Nicholas Dawson
  • Kristina Mrsic
  • Matthew Ng

🥇 Class Of 2022 First in Subject Award Recipients 🥇

First in Agricultural Science and First in Biology Gian Bilston
First in Business and CCEL Young Entrepreneur of the Year Ava Sanderson
CCEL Young Entrepreneur of the Year Imogen Crawford
First in Chemistry and First in Physics Kristina Mrsic
First in Dance Chloe Cutts
First in Design Ebony Geurts
First in Digital Solutions Jagdeep Singh
First in Drama Nathaniel Harris
First in Economics, First in English and First in Legal Studies Joanne Vivian
First in Essential English Max Kroesen
First in Essential Mathematics Chloe McNamara
First in Film, Television & New Media, First in Visual Art and First in Health Jonelle Agbuya
First in French, First in Mathematical Methods and First in Specialist Mathematics Laila Al Shoomary
First in General Mathematics Taylor Wirth
First in Japanese Luna Blackmore
First in Literature Lachlan Donnelly
First in Modern History Kyla Morse
First in Music and First in Music Extension (Performance) Leon Eyears
First in Physical Education Sebastian Hunt
First in Psychology Lisa Matsushita



We would also like to thank Nathan Di Vaira, Dux of Canterbury College 2012, who shared a few words​​​​ at today’s Assembly.

Congratulations to all award winners!