2022 Trimester 2 Sport: TAS Finals Round & JTAS Round 7 – Canterbury Final Results

What a season we’ve had Taipans!

And for the last time this term…

Here is your weekly Sports Results Wrap from TAS Sport Finals Round and Junior TAS Sport Round 7.

There have been so many challenges thrown at us all season – from crazy weather to illness and injuries!

So a heartfelt congratulations and thank you to all our Taipans athletes who competed in Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Tennis in Trimester 2.

A huge THANK YOU as well to all our sport coordinators, directors, coaches and managers for supporting our teams throughout this term.

Your hard work and dedication towards our students is greatly appreciated.

We would also like to congratulate the following Premiership-winning teams:

Hockey: Second XI

Netball: First VII, 10A, 9A and 8A

Thank you and well done Taipans! And now onwards to Trimester 3! 

TAS Trimester 2 – Overall Placings

Sport Team & Placing
Hockey Firsts – 3rd

Seconds – 1st

Year 9 – 6th

Year 8 – 4th

Year 7 – 6th

Overall – 4th

Netball Firsts – 1st

Seconds – 5th

Thirds – 5th

Year 10A – 1st

Year 10B – 4th

Year 9A – 1st

Year 9B – 5th

Year 8A – 1st

Year 8B – 3rd

Year 7A – 3rd

Year 7B – 2nd

Overall – 2nd

Rugby Firsts – 5th

Seconds – 4th

Year 9/10A – 5th

Year 9/10B – 5th

Year 7/8A – 2nd

Year 7/8B – 4th

Overall – 4th

Tennis Firsts – 8th

Seconds – 7th

Intermediate 1 – 6th

Intermediate 2 – 3rd

Intermediate 3 – 3rd

Overall – 6th


TAS Trimester 2 – Champion Schools

School Points
1st – Ormiston College

Tied For 2nd – CHAC, St Columban’s College, WestMAC

5th – Canterbury College

6th – John Paul College

7th – St Paul’s School

8th – St John’s Anglican College