2021 Secondary School Speech Night

Our Secondary School Speech Night was held on Tuesday evening 30 November at our Canterbury Events Centre.As our Year 12 students had already graduated, Speech Night recognised and celebrated the achievements of our Years 7 to 11 students.There were also several special guests who attended the ceremony namely:

Martin Cichero and Jonathan Cichero – sons of Reverend Trevor Cichero, founding Chair of the Canterbury College Board of Directors

Warick Fawkes – Alumni Executive Committee President

Father Dan Talbot – Rector of Jimboomba Anglican and Area Dean of Logan

Mrs Sherrill Molloy – Executive Director, Anglican Schools Office

The Right Reverend John Roundhill – Bishop of the Southern Region

Mr Jeff Thomas – Chair of the Canterbury College Board – and Mrs Mandy Thomas

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Outstanding Approach To Learning Awards – presented to the top 5% of students who have not received an Academic Excellence Award, but who have demonstrated outstanding work habits and approach to learning.

Year 7 – Addison Alchin, Olivia Carroll, Amelia Periaho, Meletoa Pohiva, Diya Raniga, Holly Wacker, Jasmine Wacker, Tuana William, Mikaela Williams.

Year 8 – Chloe Booth, Elka Currie, Holly Harris, Thomas Jenkins, Rayan Mohammad.

Year 9 – Layla Augustine, Kate Caddy, Lily Lloyd, Benjamin Long, Roy McGregor (absent), Ella Reed, Lachlan Trent.

Year 10 – Tia Crombie, Jack Henry, Lilly Rose, Natarsha Savage, Morgan Thomson, Sophie Wellington.

Year 11 – Arfa Amer, Lilly Collins, Arielle Consolati, Imogen Crawford, Nicholas Dawson, Lauren Hergenhan, Avasa Petelo, Sakura Savelieva, Charlie Spiteri.

Academic Excellence Award – presented to students in the top 10% of their year level.

Year 7 – Gurjaap Buttar, Angela Cai, Liam Clarke, Isla Eastwood, Jasmine Fidow, Jemma Kim, Areen Lee, Fatima Malik, Liam McGregor (absent), Cooper McIntyre, Mya Morrow, Tyrese Ngaru, Kunj Patel, Samantha Vivian, Sophie Webb, William White, Allegra Williams, Chloe Wong, Ramon Zeng.

Year 8 – Ranudi Attygalla, Olivia Baker, Sienna Burnham, John Chang, Juliana Chen, Mitchell Dixon, Kevin Dizon, Scarlet Kildey, Haydn Li, Caleb Manning, Audrey Monroe, Chloe Peebles-Cullen, Claire Plummer, Kylie Qi, Murtaza Shah, Benjamin Stanley, Morgan Watt.

Year 9 – Lucas Consolati, Vi Do (absent), Alec Dyer, Samantha Grant, Emerald Kaing, Morwary Kamali, Isabella Kim, Lily Kimberly, Joe Matsushita, Meeka Morrow, Lilly Rider, Angelina Som, Zac Vasquez, Ruby Wandschneider, Jasmine Wheatley, Kelly Wong.

Year 10 – Chloe Ahern, Alexander Arbuthnot, Attila Bencsik, Jenny Chum, Ashlyn Dinsdale, Ashley Dyer, Solene Dyer, Caleb Garai, Kaidan Griffiths, Marwa Kamali, Kai Yi Keh, Makayla Lin, Emerson Manning, Pyper McFarlane, Grace Monroe, Milly Nelson, Ramneek Randhawa, Duli Silva.

Year 11 – Jonelle Agbuya, Laila Al Shoomary, Gian Bilston, Luna Blackmore, Harjaap Buttar, Lily Cox, Jack Fentoullis, Jordan Grant, Jonathan Jennings, Sarah Love, Lisa Matsushita, Sienna Miller, Kyla Morse, Kristina Mrsic, Jagdeep Singh, Ella van Luyn, Joanne Vivian, Emily Xia.

First In Subject Award – awarded for year-long subjects only.

First In English – Jemma Kim (Year 7)Ranudi Attygalla (Year 8)Morwary Kamali (Year 9)Makayla Lin (Year 10)Joanne Vivian (Year 11)

First In Health And Physical Education – Leon Matsushita (Year 7)Benjamin Stanley (Year 8)Meeka Morrow (Year 9)

First In Mathematics – Liam McGregor (Year 7) (absent), Juliana Chen (Year 8)Isabella Kim (Year 9)

First In Science – Cooper McIntyre (Year 7)Olivia Baker (Year 8)Isabella Kim (Year 9)Caleb Garai (Year 10)

First In French – Samantha Vivian (Year 7)Morgan Watt (Year 8)Kristina Mrsic (Year 11)

First In Japanese – Kylie Qi (Year 8)Luna Blackmore (Year 11)

First In Humanities And Social Science – Samantha Vivian (Year 7)Isabella Lemmon (Year 8)

First In History – Isabella Kim (Year 9)Ashley Dyer (Year 10)

First In Literature – Chloe Ahern (Year 10)Sienna Miller (Year 11)

First In Prep. Mathematical Methods – Caleb Garai (Year 10)

First In Prep General Mathematics – Milly Nelson (Year 10)

First In Pre. Essential Mathematics – Jazz Rajah (Year 10)

First In Essential Mathematics – Ema-Lamei Wood (Year 11)

First In Health – Jonelle Agbuya (Year 11)

First In Mathematical Methods – Laila Al Shoomary (Year 11)

First In Agricultural Science – Gian Bilston (Year 11)

First In Furniture Making Certificate II – Nischal Chand (Year 11)

First In Film, Television And New Media – Lily Cox (Year 11)

First In Psychology – Lily Cox (Year 11)

First In Business Certificate III – Imogen Crawford (Year 11)

First In Dance – Chloe Cutts (Year 11)

First In Music – Leon Eyears (Year 11)

First In Drama – Nathaniel Harris (Year 11)

First In Physical Education – Sebastian Hunt (Year 11)

First In Construction Certificate I – Sebastian Jenner (Year 11)

First In Essential English – Max Kroesen (Year 11)

First In Design – Lisa Matsushita (Year 11)

First In Modern History – Kyla Morse (Year 11)

First In Chemistry – Kristina Mrsic (Year 11) 

First In Physics – Kristina Mrsic (Year 11)

First In Specialist Mathematics – Kristina Mrsic (Year 11)

First In Business – Ava Sanderson (Year 11)

First In Visual Art – Ava Sanderson (Year 11)

First In Biology – Jagdeep Singh (Year 11)

First In Digital Solutions – Jagdeep Singh (Year 11)

First In General Mathematics – Ella van Luyn (Year 11)

First In Economics – Joanne Vivian (Year 11)

First In Legal Studies – Joanne Vivian (Year 11)

First In Hospitality Certificate III – Katelyn Webber (Year 11)

First In Fitness Certificate III – Ema-Lamei Wood (Year 11)

Gold Colours Recipients – highest all-round honour and points are accumulated over many years.

Kevina Nishimwe, Ella Reed, Claire Sanderson.

2021 Young Entrepreneur Of The Year – Sweet Things – Fatema Akbari, Ashlyn Dinsdale, Rory Walker

2021 Beenleigh Chamber Of Commerce Best All Rounder Award – Hannah Peddell

2021 Long Tan Leadership Award – Jack Henry

2021 Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award – Chloe Ahern

2021 Reverend T Cichero Community Service Award – Lilly Rider

Staff Service Awards

10 Years Of Service – Sandra Allen (absent)Katrina Flower, Nick Gillin, Tory Mills, Katrina Moore (absent).

15 Years Of Service – Deborah Clarke, Lisa Farrugia, Therese Higgins, Debbie Milne.

Archbishop’s Staff Bursary

Lisa Farrugia, Juri Sinclair, Leigh Mayes, Tracey Clarke

Dux Of Year 7 – Samantha Vivian

Dux Of Year 8 – Olivia Baker

Dux Of Year 9 – Isabella Kim

Dux Of Year 10 – Caleb Garai

Dux Of Year 11 – ​​​Kristina Mrsic

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