2021 QSS 13-15 Years Netball State Merit Team – Our Student Official

Not all of Canterbury’s recent netball success is player-based, as we’re also making inroads on the umpiring front.

Back in May, Lilyana Fawkes – daughter of Canterbury Teacher Mrs Suellen Fawkes and Canterbury Alumni Network President Mr Warick Fawkes – was selected as a Student Official for the Queensland School Sport 13-15 Years Netball State Merit Team.

Currently completing Year 10 at Canterbury, Lilyana umpired U19 matches throughout the netball competition, and then had the opportunity to umpire the U15 finals.

This was an impressive achievement, considering the other three umpires selected to oversee the finals, were all older Year 12 students.

Furthermore, she was one of the two Queensland umpires officially chosen after the QSS 13-15 Years State Netball Championships concluded.

In a normal year, being selected would mean the opportunity to travel onto the 13-15 Years National Netball Championships.

But unfortunately, due to ongoing COVID-19 lockdown disruptions, these championships will not be held again this year, following their cancellation back in 2020.

Being chosen however, does enable Lilyana to purchase official QSS apparel, available exclusively to state team members only.

Congratulations Lilyana from Canterbury College!

In the future we might need you to referee a State Of Origin game!

The photos show all the QSS student officials that attended the state championships and the two umpires named in the QLD state merit team including Lilyana Fawkes.