Years 9 & 11 Design Workshop With Industry Expert | Mr Andrew Scott: QUT School of Design Lead Lecturer

We are thrilled to share an academic event that took place at Canterbury this morning, involving the renowned Mr Andrew Scott – the QUT School of Design’s Lead Lecturer – Industrial Design.

This occasion was organised to provide our students with valuable insights into the world of industrial design, and to prepare them for their future academic and professional journeys.

Mr Scott engaged with our Year 9 and 11 students in a comprehensive workshop session.

Keynote Presentation & Sketching Workshop – Year 9:

For our Year 9 Design students, Mr Scott led an engaging sketching workshop, allowing students to delve into hands-on design experiences and cultivate their artistic skills.

The session offered a glimpse into the creative world of design and nurtured their potential as budding designers.

Design University Experience – Year 11:

For our Year 11 students, Mr Scott presented an insightful keynote into what the design field entails at the university level, providing them with a valuable preview of what to expect in their future academic pursuits.

This preparatory session was designed to equip them with essential knowledge as they approach their post-secondary education decisions.

Personal Interaction & Design Challenge Discussion:

As part of this very welcome opportunity, Mr Scott devoted time to interact with our students on a personal level.

He spent a significant amount of time engaging in conversations with the students regarding their ongoing design projects – specifically the homeless design challenge.

This interaction not only enhanced their understanding of design principles, but also allowed them to receive constructive feedback from an industry expert.

Mr Scott’s feedback and guidance will undoubtedly shape their projects as they progress.


Overall, the event with Mr Andrew Scott was a great opportunity for our students to gain an authentic university-like experience, bridging the gap between their current studies and future aspirations in the design field.

His expertise and genuine interest in our students’ work left a lasting impact and inspired them to explore new horizons within the world of design.

We extend our gratitude to Mr Scott and the QUT School of Design for their valuable contribution to our students’ growth and learning experience.

Such collaborations continue to define Canterbury College as a centre of excellence, preparing students for success in various academic and professional endeavours.​​​​

More photos from this event can be found on our Facebook Page HERE.