Years 9 & 10 Business, Economics & Accounting Start-Up Showcase | Event Summary & Photo Gallery

This morning, proud student entrepreneurs from our Years 9 and 10 Business, Economics & Accounting Start-Up classes, showcased their innovative business concepts through immersive stalls – presenting their diverse ideas, products, and services on our Tech Deck.

The start-up businesses included Ashan Industries, Hookie Cookies, Fume Fragrances, Tribal Tech, Pillow Paradise, Shine Case, Spitfire Dog Co., and other clothing, hair accessories and specialised gift hamper service companies.

We also gained professional insights from two accomplished and forward-thinking entrepreneurs – Adam Thompson and Belinda Vesey-Brown, who shared their expertise and strategies to assist others in their entrepreneurial endeavours.


Adam Thompson: Managing Director of Stenhouse Lifting Equipment – the leading supplier, manufacturer and inspector for a wide range of auxiliary, lifting and height safety equipment.

For over 20 years, Adam has worked alongside Australia’s biggest and most trusted brands in the mining, construction, engineering and urban utility sectors, keeping their people safe, their assets compliant, and their sites operational.

Having a passion for business and a strong desire to give back, he’s also the Growth Director on the Regional Board for the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO), where he helps set the direction for our regional areas.

EO is a global not-for-profit organisation helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

Belinda Vesey-Brown: Belinda has always been fascinated by the power of digital communication and its potential to connect people in new and exciting ways.

However, she noticed that most video content is not accessible to those with hearing loss, low vision, or with learning or language challenges.

That’s why Belinda started TaggedPDF, a business that made PDFs accessible for people with low vision.

But as the fastest-growing format of digital communication, video posed a greater challenge.

That’s why she created a new service offering called ‘MeetAandi’, a cutting-edge online tool that uses AI and machine learning to make it easy to add captions, transcripts and audio descriptions to any video.

In consultation with many Australian universities, they now have a feature-packed software tool that can assist with learning, and the goal now is to remediate 1 million minutes of video with captions and audio descriptions.


Adam and Belinda volunteered their time to provide feedback to our students, and shared their personal challenges and successes – with our big thanks!

And thank you to everyone who visited and contributed to the success of this fantastic entrepreneurial event.

We look forward to sharing future developments from our innovative students’ start-up businesses.

If you want to see more of our student’s innovative ideas, please check out the FULL Facebook Photo Gallery HERE.