Years 8 & 12 Dance Hip Hop Workshop Incursion – Bloodline Dance Company | Event Wrap & Video

Today, our Years 8 and 12 Dance students embarked on an energetic exploration of Hip Hop Dance, guided by Keisha Joy from the Bloodline Dance Company.

The Director of Bloodline, Hillary Stowers, was a foundational member of Australia’s ‘Academy of Brothers’, representing Australia at esteemed competitions across Australia and the USA.

The teacher, Keisha, brought a wealth of experience and lively movement to the workshop.

This workshop experience aligns with the students commencing their Term 2 study within the ‘Practices and Skills Strand’ of their Dance curriculum.

The ‘Moving To Entertain Unit’ includes exposure to the genre and professional artists, so we are very thankful for Bloodline’s time and infectious enthusiasm this morning.