During Semester One this year, our Year 9 Mandarin students have been learning about Chinese food culture and dining etiquette, alongside studying the language itself.

At the end of Term Two, students enjoyed a day excursion to Sunnybank Plaza, which is renowned for its vibrant Chinese community, featuring numerous Chinese grocery stores, shops and restaurants.

Students dined at a Yum Cha restaurant where each student completed a Speaking Challenge, which included ordering food and asking for additional utensils in Mandarin.

This setting enabled students to practise their Mandarin language skills in real-life situations.

After Yum Cha, students participated in a Scavenger Hunt, searching for given Chinese characters and words around the centre.

Students were also guided through the shopping centre, exploring some Chinese shops and restaurants that are popular among the locals.

This excursion provided students a great opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic environment and apply their classroom knowledge in a practical setting.