Year 8 BEE Christmas Gifts: Pop-Up Market Day Stalls | Both Breaks, Thursday 17 November @ School Canteen Deck: CASH ONLY! 🎄

What: Year 8 BEE: Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship – Christmas Gifts: Pop-Up Market Day Stalls.

When: (Week 7) Thursday 17 November 2022.
– Morning Tea Break (10:25am – 10:50am)
– Lunch Break (12:45pm – 1:25pm)

Where: School Canteen Deck Outside Yalburru Community Café.

Who: For ALL Years 3-6 Junior School Students | ALL Secondary School Students | ALL Staff.

Hosts: Year 8 BEE: Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Students.

Cost: Various Christmas Gifts On Sale From $1 – $15.

**PAYMENT: CASH ONLY so please bring your wallets & purses.**

The gift ideas on display, their actual production, and even the stall set-ups, have all been uniquely collaborated upon and planned, and will be delivered by our Year 8 Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship Class, as part of their assessment task: Entrepreneurial Design.

There are fabulous handmade gifts, special Christmas gift cards, tote bags, scrunchies, food and gift baskets, candles and decorations – all on sale for one day only.

So get in some early Christmas shopping, while supporting this entrepreneurial venture by our Year 8 BEE Students.

Please don’t forget your cash…

Contact: Hospitality Teacher Mrs Michelle Rowbotham – 

Let’s go shopping! 🛍🎁🎅🎄