Welcome To Canterbury’s Junior School From Our Junior School Captains

Welcome or welcome back to another new, unique and extraordinary year at Canterbury College!

We are very excited to be back and look forward to seeing all your lovely faces.

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful extended summer holiday and a brilliant first few weeks of Term One.

As we all know, COVID once again crashed the start of the school year.

However, we are here now, and are very grateful to be back in our classes with our wonderful teachers.

We would like to start by saying welcome to all the new students and their families – we hope you love your new school.

As we all know, going to a new school can be stressful and nerve-wracking, so we hope you have found your feet and made some wonderful new friends.

You can always talk to your teachers and the Junior School Captains about any concerns, so please do not hesitate to ask if you need assistance or support.

We would be delighted to assist you and help you to have the most amazing journey here at Canterbury.

Let’s talk about special events here at Canterbury…

The Junior School was alive with excitement over the opening of the brand-new playground.

It has multiple courses, all based on a particular stage or level, with Years 2-3 playing at first break and Years 4-6 playing at second break.

Some important rules have been established to keep everyone safe and happy.

Our Junior School Captains have been trialling a new ‘Meet And Greet’ at the P-2 drop-off carpark zone.

Captains are showing their great leadership skills by welcoming families as they arrive, and escorting our little people to their Prep classrooms.

This has been going extremely well!

We would like to announce that Canterbury’s The Dark Side Astronomy Club is now open for Years 5 – 12.

Come along and explore the universe and what lies within, as we meet every Monday afternoon from 3:30pm – 5:00pm in the Discovery Centre Junior School Library.

And let’s not forget the CANTERBEE logo design competition.

To all the young artists and designers out there, please try and create a logo for this competition – you could win $20 to spend at the School Canteen.

Plus, you will have your design printed for the Canterbee’s honey jars.

If you would like to enter, go to the MyCC – Canterbee Honey Label Competition to find out more about the design brief.

Hot off the press… The new Book Club is now open!

All readers and podcasters are welcome to attend this new club.

Each term, we will venture into a new book that will be read and then turned into a podcast for all Canterbury students to listen to.

Not only that, but new books that aren’t even on the shelves yet, will be happily given to members of this Book Club – it’s free and it’s fun!

It will be open for Year 4 students at Monday lunchtime and for Years 5 – 6 students at Tuesday lunchtime.

Students have already started their JTAS Sport training, cross country, swimming and tennis.

Some of the Year 5s and 6s have also joined secondary students as part of Canterbury’s eSports team on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes – this has been a lot of fun!

As we finish this week, we would like to congratulate all the JTAS teams that played last weekend for the successful start to the 2022 season.

Till next time… Take care and have a wonderful Term One.

2022 Junior School Captains – Ava Heath (Year 6 – Goldsworthy) and Banjo Newton (Year 6 – Kime)