Welcome Back To The 2022 Canterbury Campus From The Principal

We are so pleased and excited to have our students back on school grounds from Monday.

I know I speak on behalf of all Canterbury teachers when I say the last fortnight has been strange, to say the least, not seeing our classrooms and playgrounds abuzz with students.

Now full campus operations are not yet possible, with information evenings, parent events, excursions, assemblies etc deemed too high risk by the Queensland Government at this stage.

After the first month of February operations, we hope to see some of these events back.

In the meantime, we will substitute with video content, video streaming and news updates through MyCC, our Website News Page, Facebook and Instagram.

Although uniform supplies have started to trickle through, we know there are challenges for some time yet with some items.

I thank our tremendous Canterbury Supporters Groups for getting behind those Buy Sell Swap Meets held on Saturdays here at the College, to ensure new families especially, have access to some basic uniform requirements for the start of school.

The staff are energised and ready to ‘turbo-charge’ the learning of all students in the College from Monday onwards.

We have some wonderful new facilities improvements for our students to enjoy in both the Junior and Secondary Schools.

Although there have been some hold-ups due to workforce COVID shortages and ongoing wet weather, we are close to having all buildings and grounds holiday projects completed.

I especially thank Michelle Leftwich (Head of Junior School) and Rebecca Adamson (Head of Secondary School) for their leadership over the past month, preparing our staff and students for both supervised learning and for the delayed first day of school.

Welcome back to 182 Old Logan Village Road everybody…