Virtual Cattle Farm Lockdown Excursion 🐂🚜🌾

Hi Guys,

Just for a break from COVID news and lockdown updates, I have some different news for you if you’d like to use it…

I wish the photos were clearer, but they are screenshots that my students took from their devices.

In Lesson 3 on Wednesday, I took my Year 9 Agricultural Science class on a ‘Virtual Lockdown Excursion’ of my farm, which is actually a working cattle property. 🐂

This would not have happened if we were not currently in lockdown – so it was a great opportunity for the whole class.

They really enjoyed the ‘online outdoors’ experience and asked lots of questions.

They were able to see the breeding herd and calves, the types of feed used on the property, our machinery and the cattle yards, and our operating procedures – a full virtual tour. 🚜🌾

Attached are a few photos you may like to use on social media.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 🍋

Kind regards,
Shannon Williamson
Canterbury College