Today’s Year 8 BEE Logan Big Ideas Challenge @ Yarrabilba State College

Our Year 8 Business Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (BEE) students attended today’s 2022 Logan Big Ideas Challenge hosted by Future Anything at the Yarrabilba State College.

The Big Ideas Challenge is a fast-paced and hands-on day of listening, learning and doing.

It culminates in teams of students pitching their own innovative solutions for a complex local issue.

Today’s theme was: Technology X.

Our students worked with other schools on hands-on ideation sessions and heard from local entrepreneurs.

They worked through processes to explore and solve problems, and design solutions for an innovative idea using technology – to make the world a better place!

The skills that our students learned today, tie in with their assessment for the upcoming Pop-Up Market Stalls happening later this term.

Today’s Agenda

  • Welcome (Intro, Day Overview, Future of Work).
  • Local Entrepreneurs Panel.
  • Picking a problem and group forming.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Odyssey (Steps 1-6).
  • The Entrepreneur’s Odyssey (Steps 7-10).
  • The ‘Shark Tank’ Idea/Product Pitches.
  • Winner’s Announcement + Closing Final Reflections.


Mrs Michelle Rowbotham