2022 Principal’s Year 4 World Geography Challenge Grand Final | Results And Photos

During Term 4, our geography-enthusiastic Principal, Mr Dan Walker, has been spending time in our Year 4 classrooms, working through a series of activities relating to world geography: learning the continents, countries and capitals, flags and natural features such as oceans, river systems, mountains and deserts. 🌎🌍🌏

Today with all that accumulated knowledge, they competed in the World Geography Challenge Grand Final, where all Houses answered a series of questions, and earned as many points as possible until one House emerged victorious.  ✍️🧭💡🔎⏱️📚🦁🐺🦅🐯🦖🐴

Congratulations to our ‘raptorifficRamsey House on their competitive win – they certainly know how to put their mark on the map! 🗺️🌐🦖

Thank you very much to our incredibly helpful Secondary School students – the 2023 Year 9 Leadership Team!

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