Term 2 Gold Coast Gardiner Secondary Interschool Chess Tournament

Canterbury College recently took 17 students to St Stephen’s College for the Term 2 Gold Coast Gardiner Interschool Chess Tournament. 

Our students played seven games and were awarded a merit badge if they won 4.5 or more.

If students came 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they received medals, which applied to team wins.

We were fortunate to play with entire teams in the A, B, C and D Divisions.

Competition Highlights

A Division:

  • Amir Al-Shoomary placed 4th out of 62 players, winning five of seven games. ✅
  • Anthony Li acquired a rating of 1,243. ✅
  • Ashutosh Vaitha placed 11th out of 62 players. ✅
  • The CC Blue Team placed 3rd out of 17 teams, with each team member receiving a bronze medal.

B Division:

  • Due to consistently winning most of their games, our CC Red Team placed 3rd out of 11 teams, with each member receiving a bronze medal.

C Division:

  • CC C placed 4th out of 25 teams, winning 16.5 games out of 20. ✅

D Division:

  • Ramon Zeng won the D Division category, winning 6.5 games out of 7. ✅
  • Matt Barnes placed 5th out of 77 players. ✅
  • The CC D Team placed 1st out of 22 teams by winning 20.5 games, with each member receiving a gold medal.


A Division (CC Blue): Ashutosh Vaitha, Anthony Li, Amir Al-Shoomary, and Shubham Bhatt.

B Division (CC Red): Kevin Dizon, Rayan Mohammad, Leslie Ho, and Deacon Hunt.

C Division (CC C): Jordan Tan, Darcy Taylor, Liam McGregor, Matthew Flaherty, and Connar Smith-Miller.

D Division (CC D): Ramon Zeng, Jacob Cole, Matt Barnes, and Hargun Dhillon​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

The benefits of playing chess are immeasurable, with numerous studies finding correlations with improving concentration and focus, memory, reading skills, problem-solving capabilities, creativity, critical and original thinking, logical and sequential thinking, and decision-making.

Tournaments also allow students of all levels to compete, improve, and make new friends.

Well done to all competitors. ♛♔♜♘♝♖

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