St John’s Cathedral Annual Canterbury Service

Dear Year 6 & Year 12 Students & Parents & Carers,

On Tuesday 3 August 2021, our Year 6 and Year 12 students will be travelling to St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane City for the Annual Canterbury Cathedral Service.

Originally, the school planned to take all students and staff from Years 5-12, but current COVID-19 venue restrictions meant we needed to reconsider the scale of this event.

Students and staff will travel by bus from Canterbury College at approximately 9:15am and return to the campus by 12:15pm.

Students will be required to wear full formal winter uniform, including blazers and formal hats, and to be presented to a high personal grooming standard.

Leading up to 3 August, students will receive guidance on etiquette when attending a Cathedral service, as in some instances, this will be a unique first-time experience.

If students would like to partake in Communion during the service, I ask that they email our Chaplain Nia Vivian at  to confirm their eligibility.

We look forward to sharing this special service in the spiritual home of the school with our Year 6 and Year 12 students in their final year of their Junior and Secondary schooling respectively.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Dan Walker