Smoother Junior School Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups Procedure

Dear Parents and Carers,

After the first few weeks of Junior School student drop-offs and pick-ups, and after lengthy discussions with staff, we are implementing some additional procedures to support smoother mornings and afternoons in the carparks.

In summary:

  • Parents approaching a pick-up zone are asked to display a poster of their family and children’s names on the passenger side of their dashboard.
    These posters have been provided to the oldest child in each family today.
  • Waiting students will be asked to sit and will be instructed to move to the waiting vehicles by staff.
  • Parents are to remain in their vehicles and their child/ren will be delivered to the car by a teacher on duty.
  • Parents are asked to park in an available parking space if they need to get out of their car.
  • Year 2 students who do not have younger siblings will be collected from the High Road Pick-Up Zone.

Please find attached a detailed procedure for each drop-off and pick-up process.

A copy of this document has been sent home with the eldest child in each family today.

For these procedures to work, it is important that all parents and carers adhere to the attached guidelines, and follow the instructions of the on-duty staff.

Our staff are working very hard to make pick-ups and drop-offs as smooth as possible for all our parents.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Michelle Leftwich

Head of Junior School