Senior School Cross Country Winning House Revealed & First Teams Jersey Presentations

Much anticipated news from our School Assembly on Thursday.

Ramsey House was announced as the Senior School Cross Country winners once again, marking an incredible four-year victorious streak.

Congratulations to the Ramsey Raptors!

Also, our various Firsts Team Captains were on-stage to present playing jerseys to their teammates, honouring their training dedication and sporting skill level, to be chosen for our College’s top sporting squads.

Well done to all our firsts team players and ‘Go Taipans’ for your TAS matches to come.


First XI Hockey

Captain: Lilly Rider

Team: Corey Bertsch, Samantha Vivian, Ruby Aitchinson, Phoebe Dyer, Milan Wellington, Hannah Harlen.


First VII Netball

Captain: Kaylee Tamala

Team: Grace McGuiness, Syriarna O’Sullivan, Ainslie-Alyssa Iva, Aaliyah Frescon-Sheppard, Juliana Tamala, Tyana Faimalo, Aroha Tipiwai-Power, Kaitlyn Iva, Lahrey Southon, Tayla Southal, Bridie Stewart.


First XV Rugby

Captain: Ashley Broadbent

Team: Rohan Mendis-Galpin, Tymothy Palupe, Samuel McKee, Harvey Coates, Mach Pukallus, Tadiwa Manangazira, Benjamin Stanley, Joshua Noble, Jake Stewart, Riley Lynch, Ma’afu Takai, Charlie Menzies, Ethan Fox, Joshua Williams, Alex Orbitz, Charlie Newton, Thomas Jenkins, Anthonie Yang.


First IV Tennis

Captain: Alec Dyer

Team: Ryan Dilks, Rhylee Jackson, Mitchell Dixon, Oscar Laredo.


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