Saturday’s Waterford West Regional First Lego League Competition | Taipan Roboneers Event Wrap & Final Result

Our Taipan Roboneers represented Canterbury at Saturday’s Waterford West Regional First Lego League Competition.

Spending the day at our host school, Marsden State High School, our students competed in robot competitions and presented their innovation project and robot to a panel of judges.

This event was the culmination of many hours of work doing robot building, coding, adjusting, researching and developing.

So Saturday was their chance to finally put their project and robot up against 26 other teams.

The Taipan Roboneers’ hard work and academic intelligence resulted in them being awarded the Engineering Excellence Trophy.

This prestigious award was presented to the team for having an efficiently designed robot, plus an innovative project solution that effectively addressed this season’s challenge, and demonstrating Core Values in all they do.

This exciting event was capped off with our Roboneers coming in 3rd place overall, thus qualifying for a place in the Northern National Competition to be held later this term.

Congratulations Taipan Roboneers and their Teacher/Coordinator Mrs Jess Traurig!

More photos of this event can be found on our Facebook page HERE.